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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-01Densification and microstructural investigation of Inconel 718 parts fabricated by selective laser melting이재성
2005-02Densification of nanocrystalline ITO powders in fast firing: effect of specimen mass and sintering atmosphere이재성
2017-08Densification of similar to 5 nm-thick SiO2 layers by nitric acid oxidation박태주
2009-01Deoxidation Thermodynamics of P-Titanium by Ca-CaCl(2) and Ca-CaF(2) Fluxes박주현
2019-10Dependence of electrical properties on sulfur distribution in atomic-layer-deposited HfO2 thin film on an InP substrate박태주
2017-01Depletion effect of polycrystalline-silicon gate electrode by phosphorus deactivation안지훈
2005-06The Deposition and Characterization of 10nm Thick Teflon-like Anti-stiction Films for the Hot Embossing박진구
2019-11Deposition mechanism of graphene flakes directly from graphite particles in the kinetic spray process studied using molecular dynamics simulation이선영
2017-03Design and performance evaluation of Korean traditional heating system—Ondol: Case study of Nepal이선영
2018-11Design of a shape memory composite(SMC) using 4D printing technology장영욱
2018-11Design of a shape memory composite(SMC) using 4D printing technology이선영
2017-04Design of trimodal Fe micro-nanopowder feedstock for micro powder injection molding이재성
2019-02Design Strategies in the Pen-Printing Technique toward Elaborated Organic Electronics이화성
2018-09Development of an Anti-Corrosion Conductive Nano Carbon Coating Layer on Metal Bipolar Plates김종렬
2006-11Development of an open sandwich fluoroimmunoassay based on fluorescence resonance energy transfer조용우
2005-10Development of FeCo-Based Thin Films for Gigahertz Applications김종렬
2019-05Development of highly conductive and corrosion-resistant Cr-Diamond-like Carbon Films이선영
2018-11Development of self-rectifying ZnO thin film resistive switching memory device using successive ionic layer adsorption and reaction method박태주
2015-07Development of titanium oxide layer containing nanocrystalline zirconia particles with tetragonal structure: Structural and biological characteristics신동혁
2015-05Dielectric characteristics of a barium titanate film deposited by Nano Particle Deposition System (NPDS)이선영