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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-0713.2% efficiency Si nanowire/PEDOT:PSS hybrid solar cell using a transfer-imprinted Au mesh electrode이정호
2008-04Bacillus anthracis Spores Influence ATP Synthase Activity in Murine Macrophages이정호
2015-04Catalyst-free hydrogen evolution of Si photocathode by thermovoltage-driven solar water splitting이정호
2007-09Compositionally Bi-layered Formation of Interfacial Voids in a Porous Anodic Alumina Template Directly Formed on Si이정호
2007-11Compositionally Bilayered Feature of Interfacial Voids in a Porous Anodic Alumina Template Directly Formed on Si이정호
2019-07Controllable digital resistive switching for artificial synapses and pavlovian learning algorithm이정호
2015-07Current Approach in Surface Plasmons for Thin Film and Wire Array Solar Cell Applications이정호
2018-02Dynamic Photoelectrochemical Device Using an Electrolyte-Permeable NiOx/SiO2/Si Photocathode with an Open-Circuit Potential of 0.75 V이정호
2018-09Dynamic Photoelectrochemical Device with Open-Circuit Potential Insensitive to Thermodynamic Voltage Loss이정호
2015-11Effect of Al2O3/ZnO Nanolaminate by Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) on p-Si Photocathode for Photoelectrochemical Hydrogen Evolution이정호
2007-08Effect of oxide thickness on the low temperature (≤400℃) growth of cone-shaped silicon nanowires이정호
2004-04Effect of selective oxidation condition on defect generation in gate oxide이정호
2017-12Effects of surface nanostructuring and impurity doping on ultrafast carrier dynamics of silicon photovoltaic cells: a pump-probe study이정호
2019-01Efficient Photoelectrochemical Hydrogen Evolution Using Pseudocapacitive NiOx/Si Junction with Misaligned Energy Levels이정호
2015-05Electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution using graphitic carbon nitride coupled with nanoporous graphene co-doped by S and Se이정호
2015-07Enhanced oxygen reduction and evolution by in situ decoration of hematite nanoparticles on carbon nanotube cathodes for high-capacity nonaqueous lithium-oxygen batteries이정호
2017-12Enhancement of the Oxygen Evolution Using a 21-mu m-Thin c-Si Photoanode with a Nano-Pyramid Texture이정호
2007-09Epitaxial insertion of Au5Si nanodiscs during the growth of silicon nanowires이정호
2006-11Fabrication and magnetic characteristics of vertical FeCo nanowire arrayed in Al2O3 insulator of honeycomb bulkhead structure이정호
2007-12Formation Principle of Interfacial Voids in a Porous Anodic Alumina Template on a Si Wafer이정호
2008-12Freestanding Ge/SiO2 Core/Shell Nanoparticles Formed via Metastable SiO2 Hollow Nanospheres on a Si Wafer이정호
2017-12Hierarchically Designed 3D Holey C2N Aerogels as Bifunctional Oxygen Electrodes for Flexible and Rechargeable Zn-Air Batteries이정호
2018-07High-performance broadband heterojunction photodetectors based on multilayered PtSe2 directly grown on a Si substrate이정호
2004-04Impact of In Situ NH3 preannealing on sub-100nm Tungsten Polymetal Gate Electrode during the Sealing Nitride Formation이정호
2016-09Improved photoelectrochemical hydrogen evolution using a defect-passivated Al2O3 thin film on p-Si이정호
2017-07In situ directional formation of Co@CoOx-embedded 1D carbon nanotubes as an efficient oxygen electrocatalyst for ultra-high rate Zn-air batteries이정호
2018-02Interference-Enhanced Broadband Absorption of Monolayer MoS2 on Sub-100 nm Thick SiO2/Si Substrates: Reflection and Transmission Phase Changes at Interfaces이정호
2016-08Lanthanides-based graphene catalysts for high performance hydrogen evolution and oxygen reduction이정호
2019-01Long-Life Rechargeable Zn Air Battery Based on Binary Metal Carbide Armored by Nitrogen-Doped Carbon이정호
2005-04Low-Temperature Gate Oxynitrides Formed by Radical Oxygen/Nitrogen in a Low-Biased High Density Plasma이정호