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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-04Cobalt Iron-Phosphorus Synthesized by Electrodeposition as Highly Active and Stable Bifunctional Catalyst for Full Water Splitting유봉영
2018-06Corrosion mitigation of steel rebars in chloride contaminated concrete pore solution using inhibitor: An electrochemical investigation유봉영
2017-06Effect of hydrogen annealing of ball-milled Bi0.5Sb1.5Te3 powders on thermoelectric properties유봉영
2015-01The Effect of Sulfurization Temperature on CuIn(Se,S)(2) Solar Cells Synthesized by Electrodeposition유봉영
2016-10Effect of the Laser-Scribing on Spalling of a Single Crystalline Si Using Electrodeposition Assisted Stripping (EAS) Process유봉영
2016-11The Effects of Bath Temperature on the Formation of Nanotwin in Electrodeposited Cu유봉영
2017-05Efficient Si/SiOx/ITO Heterojunction Photoanode with an Amorphous and Porous NiOOH Catalyst formed by NiCl2 activation for Water Oxidation유봉영
2019-10Electrochemical Polishing of Cu Redistribution Layers for Fan-Out Wafer Level Packaging유봉영
2016-08Electrochemical synthesis of cuprous oxide on highly conducting metal micro-pillar arrays for water splitting유봉영
2016-08Electrochemical synthesis of ZnTe thin films from citrate bath and their electrical properties with incorporation of Cu유봉영
2016-04Electrodeposition of Chalcogenide ZnSe Thin Films with Tailored Compositions in Alkaline Aqueous Citrate Solutions유봉영
2008-03Electrodeposition of iron-palladium thin films유봉영
2016-05Electrodeposition of Nanotwin Cu by Pulse Current for Through-Si-Via (TSV) Process유봉영
2016-11Electroless Ru/Cu Deposition Without Pd Activation for the Formation of Continuous Cu Seed Layers in High-Aspect-Ratio Via-Holes유봉영
2017-02Enhanced electrocatalytic properties of electrodeposited amorphous cobalt-nickel hydroxide nanosheets on nickel foam by the formation of nickel nanocones for the oxygen evolution reaction유봉영
2018-11Fabrication of a semi-transparent flexible humidity sensor using kinetically sprayed cupric oxide film유봉영
2008-10Fabrication of nanoelectrodes and nanojunction hydrogen sensor유봉영
2009-06A gas nanosensor unaffected by humidity유봉영
2015-10Hierarchical Shape Evolution of Cuprous Oxide Micro- and Nanocrystals by Surfactant-Assisted Electrochemical Deposition유봉영
2017-03A hybrid method for the synthesis of small Bi0.5Sb1.5Te3 alloy particles유봉영
2019-09Improved Chloride Ion Sensing Performance of Flexible Ag-NPs/AgCl Electrode Sensor Using Cu-BTC as an Effective Adsorption Layer유봉영
2008-07In-situ TEM Observation of Repeating Events of Nucleation in Epitaxial Growth of Nano CoSi2 in Nanowires of Si유봉영
2019-01Kerf-less exfoliated thin silicon wafer prepared by nickel electrodeposition for solar cells유봉영
2018-07Large-area and cost-effective fabrication of Ag-coated polymeric nanopillar array for surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy유봉영
2015-01-20Mechanical Properties of Electrodeposited Ni-W ThinFilms with Alternate W-Rich and W-Poor Multilayers유봉영
2015-08Method of Efficient Ag Doping for Fermi Level Tuning of Thermoelectric Bi0.5Sb1.5Te3 Alloys Using a Chemical Displacement Reaction유봉영
2016-08Microfabrication for Drug Delivery유봉영
2015-03Monitoring the length-controlled synthesis of one-dimensional metalloporphyrin-containing coordination polymer particles and their photocatalytic properties유봉영
2015-08Morphological Transformation Reactions of Photocatalytic Metalloporphyrin-Containing Coordination Polymer Particles from Seed Structures유봉영
2017-01Novel synthesis of dual-suspended architectures between Si-pillars for enhanced photocatalytic performance유봉영