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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006-05An analysis of the strain hardening behavior of ultra-fine grain pure titanium신동혁
2005-03Constitutive analysis on superplastic deformation mechanisms of two-phase Ti3Al-xNb alloy신동혁
2008-06Deformation characteristics of submicrocrystalline Ti-6Al-4V신동혁
2008-04Deformation Mechanism of Severely Deformed CP-Titanium By Uniaxial Compression Test신동혁
2007-11Deformation Mechanism of Zr702 Processed by Equal Channel Angular Pressing신동혁
2015-07Development of titanium oxide layer containing nanocrystalline zirconia particles with tetragonal structure: Structural and biological characteristics신동혁
2005-11Dynamic Deformation and Fracture Behavior of Ultrafine-Grained Aluminum Alloy Fabricated by Equal-Channel Angular Pressing신동혁
2008-09Dynamic Deformation Behavior of Ultra-Fine-Grained Pure Coppers Fabricated by Equal Channel Angular Pressing신동혁
2005-02Dynamic Deformation Behavior of UltraFine-Grained Low-Carbon Steels Fabricated by Equal-Channel Angular Pressing신동혁
2007-12Dynamic Torsional Deformation Behavior of Ultra-Fine-Grained Dual-Phase Steel Fabricated by Equal Channel Angular Pressing신동혁
2008-05ECAP 가공된 초미세 결정립 Al-4.4%Mg 합금의 동적 변형 및 파괴거동에 미치는 후-열처리 온도의 영향신동혁
2005-10ECAP 강소성 가공에 의한 구조재료 초미세립화신동혁
2005-10ECAP에 의한 강가공이 저탄소 페라이트-펄라이트강의 역변태 거동에 미치는 영향신동혁
2006-11ECAP으로 제조된 초미세립 2상 조직강의 동적 변형거동신동혁
2005-01ECAP으로 제조된 초미세립 5083 Al 합금의 동적 변형거동신동혁
2004-04ECAP으로 제조된 초미세립 저탄소강의 동적 변형거동신동혁
2008-09Effect of Annealing Temperature on Dynamic Deformation Behavior of Ultra-Fine-Grained Aluminum Alloys Fabricated by Equal Channel Angular Pressing신동혁
2004-08Effect of annealing temperature on microstructures and mechanical properties of a 5083 Al alloy deformed at cryogenic temperature신동혁
2008-02Effect of carbon content on etching response for identification of plastic deformation zones in carbon steels신동혁
2004-03Effect of ECAP Strain on Deformation Behavior at Low Temperature Superplastic Regime of Ultrafine Grained 5083 Al Alloy Fabricated by ECAP신동혁
2004-01Effect of Heat Treatment on Microstructures and Tensile Properties of Ultrafine Grained C-Mn Steel Containing 0.34 mass%V신동혁
2015-08Effect of Na2WO4 in electrolyte on mechanical properties of oxide layer on Al alloy via plasma electrolytic oxidation신동혁
2004-02Effect of Nb on grain growth of ferrite in C-Mn steel during isothermal holding after severe deformation신동혁
2005-02Effect of post-rolling after ECAP on deformation behavior of ECAPed commercial Al-Mg alloy at 723K신동혁
2004-08Effect of Post-Rolling after ECAP on Superplastic Behavior of Commercial Al-Mg Alloy신동혁
2015-08Effects of concentration of Ag nanoparticles on surface structure and in vitro biological responses of oxide layer on pure titanium via plasma electrolytic oxidation신동혁
2008-07Effects of Equal Channel Angular Pressing and Heat Treatment on Low Cycle Fatigue Properties of 6005 Al Alloy신동혁
2003-02Effects of equal channel angular pressing temperature on deformation structures of pure Ti신동혁
2004-09Enhancement of high strain rate superplastic elongation of a modified 5154 Al by subsequent rolling after equal channel angular pressing신동혁
2005-05Fabrication of Ultrafine Grained Ferrite/Martensite Dual Phase Steel by Severe Plastic Deformation신동혁