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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-09Assessment of Physicochemical Properties of Electrical Arc Furnace Slag and Their Effects on Foamability박주현
2018-09Characterization of non-metallic inclusions and their influence on the mechanical properties of a FCC single-phase high-entropy alloy박주현
2019-06Corrosion behavior of a precipitation hardened Ni-Cr-Co-Mo alloy under partial slagging coal gasification conditions박주현
2018-02Corrosion behavior of Hastelloy (R) C-4 (R) Ni-Cr-Mo-Fe alloys for coal gasification syngas plants박주현
2017-01Corrosion behavior of welded Ni-Co-Cr-Si alloys during exposure in integrated coal gasification combined cycle syngas plants박주현
2009-03Corrosion Behaviors of Zirconia Refractory by CaO-SiO2-MgO-CaF2 Slag박주현
2017-12Corrosion-erosion behavior of MgAl2O4 spinel refractory in contact with high MnO slag박주현
2019-07Crystallization and vitrification behavior of CaO-SiO2-FetO-Al2O3 slag: Fundamentals to use mineral wastes in production of glass ball박주현
2009-01Deoxidation Thermodynamics of P-Titanium by Ca-CaCl(2) and Ca-CaF(2) Fluxes박주현
2009-03Diffusion Kinetics of Oxygen in beta-Titanium Measured by Molten Flux Method박주현
2008-09Diffusion of oxygen in β-titanium박주현
2007-09Discussion on "The Estimation of the Iso-viscosity Lines in Molten CaF2-CaO-SiO2 System"박주현
2017-08Distribution Behavior of Aluminum and Titanium Between Nickel-Based Alloys and Molten Slags in the Electro Slag Remelting (ESR) Process박주현
2015-06Effect of CaF2 Addition on the Silicothermic Reduction of MnO in Ferromanganese Slag박주현
2018-02Effect of CaF2 content in refining slag on formation behavior of spinel inclusion in Ni-Cr-V-alloyed special steel박주현
2018-01Effect of CaO/Al2O3 ratio of ladle slag on formation behavior of inclusions in Mn and V alloyed steel박주현
2018-12Effect of Direct Reduced Iron (DRI) on Dephosphorization of Molten Steel by Electric Arc Furnace Slag박주현
2016-05Effect of Energy Input on the Characteristic of AISI H13 and D2 Tool Steels Deposited by a Directed Energy Deposition Process박주현
2017-04Effect of Initial Iron Content in a Zinc Bath on the Dissolution Rate of Iron During a Hot Dip Galvanizing Process박주현
2019-04Effect of nitrogen on grain growth and formability of Ti-stabilized ferritic stainless steels박주현
2016-12Effect of Physicochemical Properties of Slag and Flux on the Removal Rate of Oxide Inclusion from Molten Steel박주현
2017-06Effect of Rice Husk Ash Insulation Powder on the Reoxidation Behavior of Molten Steel in Continuous Casting Tundish박주현
2017-08Effect of Slag Chemistry on the Desulfurization Kinetics in Secondary Refining Processes박주현
2009-12Electrochemical Method for Controlling the Interfacial Oxygen in Molten Fe with ZrO2 Based Solid Electrolyte박주현
2009-06Estimation of sulfur segregation at the interface between molten iron and graphite substrate from wetting experiments박주현
2019-06Evolution of Oxide Inclusions in Si-Mn-Killed Steel During Protective Atmosphere Electroslag Remelting박주현
2015-11Formation Behavior of Intermetallic Dross Particles in Hot Dip Galvanizing Bath박주현
2018-02Formation mechanism of oxide-sulfide complex inclusions in high-sulfur containing steel melts박주현
2007-08Formation Mechanism of Spinel-type Inclusions in High Alloyed Stainless Steel Melts박주현
2017-02Gold Solubility in Smelting Slags for the Recycling of Industrial and Mining Wastes박주현