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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008-06A Self-sensing Method for IPMC Actuator이성준
2009-05Control of IPMC actuator using self-sensing method이성준
2009-07A 99-dB DR Fourth-Order Delta-Sigma Modulator for 20-kHz Bandwidth Sensor Applications이성준
2010-07Fabrication and Characterization of a 32 x 32 Array Digital Si-PIN X-ray Detector for a Single Photon Counting Image Sensor이성준
2010-11Design and Implementation of Fault Tolerance in the BACnet/IP Protocol이성준
2012-07Research on Characteristics of Field Uniformity in Reverberation Chamber Using Two TX Antennas이성준
2015-03Chitosan-Polypyrrole Fiber for Strain Sensor이성준
2020-11An algorithm for compensating synchronization error in IoT-based wireless sensor networks이성준
2020-12차량 보안을 고려한 게이트웨이의 라우팅 방법에 대한 연구이성준
2010-04Energy Efficient Communication Using Relationships between Biological Signals for Ubiquitous Health Monitoring이성준
2010-05Closed-form solution of particular case of algebraic Riccati equation using Moser-Veselov equation이성준
2021-12Development of a Wireless Corrosion Detection System for Steel-Framed Structures Using Pulsed Eddy Currents이성준
2018-09Synthesis of self-bridged ZnO nanowires and their humidity sensing properties이성준
2019-04Single-transistor sub-1-V self-startup voltage boost energy harvesting system for microbial fuel cells이성준
2006-09Cost Effective Test Planning for System-on-Chip Manufacture이성준
2008-11유비쿼터스 건강관리를 위한 무선 혈압측정 방법이성준
2008-08An Energy-Efficient Communication Method based on the Relationships between Biological Signals for Ubiquitous Health Monitoring이성준
2008-08Class-D Audio Amplifier Using 1-Bit Fourth-Order Delta-Sigma Modulation이성준
2016-08Electrochemical synthesis of ZnTe thin films from citrate bath and their electrical properties with incorporation of Cu이성준
2015-01The Effect of Sulfurization Temperature on CuIn(Se,S)(2) Solar Cells Synthesized by Electrodeposition이성준