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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-09Application of preservation technology for lifetime dependent products in an integrated production systemSarkar, Biswajit
2019-08An Application of Time-Dependent Holding Costs and System Reliability in a Multi-Item Sustainable Economic Energy Efficient Reliable Manufacturing SystemSarkar, Biswajit
2019-05Change Point Detection for Airborne Particulate Matter (PM2.5, PM10) by Using the Bayesian ApproachSarkar, Biswajit
2019-05Coordinating Supply-Chain Management under Stochastic Fuzzy Environment and Lead-Time ReductionSarkar, Biswajit
2019-03Delayed payment policy in multi-product single-machine economic production quantity model with repair failure and partial backorderingSarkar, Biswajit
2017-09Demand uncertainty and learning in fuzziness in a continuous review inventory modelSarkar, Biswajit
2017-09A distribution free newsvendor model with consignment policy and retailer's royalty reductionSarkar, Biswajit
2019-06Dynamic Pricing in a Multi-Period Newsvendor Under Stochastic Price-Dependent DemandSarkar, Biswajit
2019-08Economic Analysis of an Integrated Production–Inventory System under Stochastic Production Capacity and Energy ConsumptionSarkar, Biswajit
2018-10Effect of Energy and Failure Rate in a Multi-Item Smart Production SystemSarkar, Biswajit
2018-09Effect of variable production rate on quality of products in a single-vendor multi-buyer supply chain managementSarkar, Biswajit
2018-08Effects of human errors and trade-credit financing in a two-echelon supply chain modelSarkar, Biswajit
2019-02Effects of preservation technology investment on waste generation in a two-echelon supply chain modelSarkar, Biswajit
2017-11Effects of Variable Production Rate and Time-Dependent Holding Cost for Complementary Products in Supply Chain ModelSarkar, Biswajit
2017-09Environmental and economic assessment of closed-loop supply chain with remanufacturing and returnable transport itemsSarkar, Biswajit
2017-11Fuzzy ϕ-tolerance competition graphsSarkar, Biswajit
2018-10Generalized fuzzy Euler graphs and generalized fuzzy Hamiltonian graphsSarkar, Biswajit
2019-05How Does a Radio Frequency Identification Optimize the Profit in an Unreliable Supply Chain Management?Sarkar, Biswajit
2019-07How does an industry manage the optimum cash flow within a smart production system with the carbon footprint and carbon emission under logistics framework?Sarkar, Biswajit
2017-10Human errors incorporation in work-in-process group manufacturing systemSarkar, Biswajit
2018-06Impact of carbon emissions in a sustainable supply chain design for a second generation biofuelSarkar, Biswajit
2019-02Impact of safety factors and setup time reduction in a two-echelon supply chain managementSarkar, Biswajit
2018-12Imperfect Multi-Stage Lean Manufacturing System with Rework under Fuzzy DemandSarkar, Biswajit
2018-04An improved way to calculate imperfect items during long-run production in an integrated inventory model with backordersSarkar, Biswajit
2019-10Influence of controllable lead time, premium price, and unequal shipments under environmental effects in a supply chain managementSarkar, Biswajit
2018-09An integrated inventory model involving discrete setup cost reduction, variable safety factor, selling-price dependent demand, and investmentSarkar, Biswajit
2017-10An integrated inventory model with variable transportation cost, two-stage inspection, and defective itemsSarkar, Biswajit
2016-12Interval‑valued fuzzy φ‑tolerance competition graphsSarkar, Biswajit
2018-11Inventory and pricing decisions for imperfect quality items with inspection errors, sales returns, and partial backorders under inflationSarkar, Biswajit
2018-11Investment for process quality improvement and setup cost reduction in an imperfect production process with warranty policy and shortagesSarkar, Biswajit