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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-11A3C 깊은 강화학습을 이용한 다수의 의존적 창고 재고관리 스케줄링허선
2007-05An Algorithm for Repairable Item Inventory System with Depot Spares and General Repair Time Distribution허선
2005-05An Analytic Model for Correlated Traffics in Computer-Communication Networks허선
2005-12Batch arrival queues with vacations and server setup허선
2018-08Bayesian Network Model to Diagnose WMSDs with Working Characteristics허선
2016-06Continuous Conditional Random Field Model for Predicting Electrical Power Output of a Combined Cycle Power Plant허선
2016-06Control of G/MX/1 Queueing System with N-Policy and Customer Impatience허선
2005-05Delay of the Slotted ALOHA Protocol with Binary Exponential Backoff Algorithm허선
2006-11Departure Process of a Single Server Queueing System with Markov Renewal input and General Service Time Distribution허선
2016-11The Dynamic Enterprise Network Composition Algorithm for Efficient Operation in Cloud Manufacturing허선
2007-11An ECA-based Mechanism of Non-blocking Device Coordination for a Ubiquitous Environment허선
2015-11Effect of Unequal Lot Sizes, Variable Setup Cost, and Carbon Emission Cost in a Supply Chain Model허선
2017-05Effects of variable production rate and time-dependent holding cost for complementary products in supply chain model허선
2007-11An Evaluation Model of Multimedia Composition Processes허선
2019-12Graphical Model to Diagnose Product Defects with Partially Shuffled Equipment Data허선
2019-02Interactive Q-Learning Approach for Pick-and-Place Optimization of the Die Attach Process in the Semiconductor Industry허선
2005-11Optimal design of rack structure with modular cell in AS/RS허선
2016-06Optimization of Pick-and-Place in Die Attach Process허선
2018-07Optimization of pick-and-place in die attach process using a genetic algorithm허선
2019-10An optimization technique for national income determination model with stability analysis of differential equation in discrete and continuous process under the uncertain environment허선
2006-04Performance analysis of automatic storage/retrieval systems by stochastic modelling허선
2005-05A Performance Analysis of Binary Exponential Backoff Algorithm in the Random Access Packet Networks허선
2019-01Performance Computation Methods for Composition of Tasks with Multiple Patterns in Cloud Manufacturing허선
2018-03Performance Computation Methods for Composition of Tasks with Multiple Patterns in Cloud Manufacturing허선
2004-04A performance estimation model for AS/RS by M/G/1 queuing system허선
2017-02Probabilistic Graphical Framework for Estimating Collaboration Levels in Cloud Manufacturing허선
2018-03Probabilistic Graphical Framework for Predicting Software Project Risk허선
2006-09A simple approximation method for workload analyses in some queueing systems with control policies허선
2007-08A Time-Constrained Information Processing Model in Ubiquitous Environments허선
2005-05Wavelength Assignment in Route-Fixed Optical WDM Ring by a Branch-and-Price Algorithm허선