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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-09Design optimization of the robot manipulator based on global performance indices using the grey-based taguchi method신규식
2010-10The application of the Grey-based Taguchi method to optimize the global performances of the robot manipulator신규식
2011-05매니퓰레이터 전역 성능 평가법의 제안 - 설계 변수 최적화를 통한 검증신규식
2011-09Compact design of a torque sensor using optical technique and its fabrication for wearable and quadruped robots신규식
2012-04Comparative Study of Optimization Technique for the Global Performance Indices of the Robot Manipulator Based on an Approximate Model신규식
2012-09Magnetic fish-robot based on multi-motion control of a flexible magnetic actuator신규식
2012-11에너지 효율 향상을 위한 산업용 로봇 설계 방법신규식
2013-04A Robust Fault Diagnosis and Accommodation Scheme for Robot Manipulators신규식
2013-05영구자석을 이용한 매니퓰레이터용 중력 보상 장치 개념 설계신규식
2013-06Sensor-based navigation of a car-like robot based on Bug family algorithms신규식
2013-07A Pushing Force Mechanism of Magnetic Spiral-type Machine for Wireless Medical-Robots in Therapy and Diagnosis신규식
2013-08Output feedback tracking control of uncertain robot manipulators via higher-order sliding-mode observer and fuzzy compensator신규식
2013-10Trajectory for robotic manipulators with torque minimization by using hermit interpolation method신규식
2013-10Design and analysis of a 6-DOF force/torque sensor for human gait analysis신규식
2013-11Design of a 5th-polynomial high speed cam-based intermittent four-bar linkage mechanism신규식
2013-11Installation of heavy duty glass using an intuitive manipulation device신규식
2014-01Adaptive fuzzy quasi-continuous high-order sliding mode controller for output feedback tracking control of robot manipulators신규식
2014-02Analysis of a Novel Transverse Flux Type Permanent Magnet Reluctance Generator신규식
2014-02Development of a muscle circumference sensor to estimate torque of the human elbow joint신규식
2014-03Human-robot cooperation control based on a dynamic model of an upper limb exoskeleton for human power amplification신규식