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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-07A User-Driven Approach to Prosthetic Upper Limb Development in Korea최영진
2021-08Analysis of Fingertip Force Vector for Pinch-Lifting Gripper With Robust Adaptation to Environments최영진
2022-07Late Breaking Results: Thermal-Aware Drone Battery Management이영문
2023-02Assessment of the inhibitory performance of a hydrazone derivative for steel rebar in a simulated concrete medium: Establishing the inhibition mechanism at an experimental and theoretical level박태준
2023-05Design and Validation of Tunable Stiffness Actuator using Soft-Rigid Combined Layer Jamming Mechanism김완수
2023-06The Development of the Linear Actuator with the Series Elastic System for Robot Linkage Mechanisms한재권
2023-06The Study on the Energy Efficiency of the Bipedal-Walking Pattern of a Humanoid Robot Using Four-Bar-Linkage Toe Joints한재권
2023-07Effect of pore structure on the thermal stability of shape-stabilized phase change materials박태준
2023-07Experimental Research of Triple Inertial Navigation System Shearer Positioning신규식
2023-08Traffic Management in IoT Backbone Networks Using GNN and MAB with SDN Orchestration이영문
2023-08Unraveling the anti-corrosion mechanisms of a novel hydrazone derivative on steel in contaminated concrete pore solutions: An integrated study박태준
2023-08Robotic transcranial magnetic stimulation in the treatment of depression: a pilot study이성온
2023-08A phased array ultrasound system with a robotic arm for neuromodulation이성온
2023-09Catalytically Propelled Micro- and Nanoswimmers장범진
2023-09Multimodal medical image fusion towards future research: A review이영문
2023-10Graph-Based Feature Learning for Cross-Project Software Defect Prediction이성온
2023-11Investigating the dynamic relationship between stigma of fear, discrimination and employees performance among healthcare workers during Covid-19 pandemic이영문
2023-11Factors influencing vendor organizations in the selection of DevOps for global software development: an exploratory study using a systematic literature review이영문
2024-04Real-time 6DoF full-range markerless head pose estimation[Formula presented]이성온
2010-09Design optimization of the robot manipulator based on global performance indices using the grey-based taguchi method신규식