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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-07Planar co-laminar flow microbial fuel cell with flow-through porous electrodes안유민
2021-07Delayed Lubricant Depletion of Slippery Liquid Infused Porous Surfaces Using Precision Nanostructures오준호
2021-07A Transformative Gold Patterning through Selective Laser Refining of Cyanide홍석준
2021-07A Transformative Gold Patterning through Selective Laser Refining of Cyanide이원철
2021-08Biomimetic chameleon soft robot with artificial crypsis and disruptive coloration skin홍석준
2021-08Characterization of PI/PVDF-TrFE Composite Nanofiber-Based Triboelectric Nanogenerators Depending on the Type of the Electrospinning System오제훈
2021-08Computational Study of Hemodynamic Changes Induced by Overlapping and Compacting of Stents and Flow Diverter in Cerebral Aneurysms오제훈
2021-08Load noise prediction of a power transformer정진태
2021-08Enhancement of cleanliness and deposition rate by understanding the multiple roles of the showerhead electrode in a capacitively coupled plasma reactor김호준
2021-08Computational fluid dynamics analysis of particle deposition induced by a showerhead electrode in a capacitively coupled plasma reactor김호준
2021-08Reversible, Selective, Ultrawide-Range Variable Stiffness Control by Spatial Micro-Water Molecule Manipulation홍석준
2021-08Theoretical analysis of Si2H6 adsorption on hydrogenated silicon surfaces for fast deposition using intermediate pressure SiH4 capacitively coupled plasma김호준
2021-07Survey of optical and fluorescence traits of Tm3+-doped alkali/mixed alkali oxides constituting B2O3-BaO-ZnO-LiF glasses for 0.45 mu m laser and 1.46 mu m fiber amplifier윤종헌
2021-09Dynamic Pore Modulation of Stretchable Electrospun Nanofiber Filter for Adaptive Machine Learned Respiratory Protection홍석준
2021-10A Contemporary Review of Aluminium MMC Developed through Stir-Casting Route윤종헌
2021-11A Hybrid Energy Storage System for an Electric Vehicle and Its Effectiveness Validation김남욱
2021-11A Three-Dimensional Liquid-Based Exchangeable Gradient Osmosis Chip for a Permeability Controllable Microfluidic Device홍석준
2021-11Effects of quenching gas feeding on silver nanoparticle synthesis by the inductively coupled plasma torch김호준
2021-11Fabrication of Perforated PDMS Microchannel by Successive Laser Pyrolysis홍석준
2021-12Generic Representations for Hybrid Powertrain Configurations김남욱