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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007-05Prediction of temperature distribution during curing thick thermoset composite laminates오제훈
2007-06Effect of adhesive thickness and bonding length on behavior of composite adhesive joints subject to torsion오제훈
2009-09Dynamic characteristics measurements of inkjet-printed thin films of nanosilver suspensions on a flexible plastic substrate오제훈
2010-01Precise size control of inkjet-printed droplets on a flexible polymer substrate using plasma surface treatment오제훈
2010-03Geometrical characterization of inkjet-printed conductive lines of nanosilver suspensions on a polymer substrate오제훈
2010-04중첩인쇄와 소결 후 잔류열응력이 잉크젯 라인패턴의 특성에 미치는 영향오제훈
2010-04잉크젯 인쇄된 미세패턴의 해상도 조절을 위한 플라즈마 표면처리오제훈
2010-04균일한 누름압 분포를 위한 와이퍼 형상 연구오제훈
2010-05Fabrication and Ink-Jet Patterning of Copper Nanoparticles with Improved Dispersion Stability오제훈
2010-05Crack formation and substrate effects on electrical resistivity of inkjet-printed Ag lines오제훈
2010-05Evaluation of the limit-of-detection capability of carbon black-polymer composite sensors for volatile breath biomarkers오제훈
2010-06Shapes andmorphologies of inkjet-printed nanosilver dots on glass substrates오제훈
2010-09Inkjet printing of conductive Ag lines and their electrical and mechanical characterization오제훈
2010-11유체 댐핑효과를 고려한 피에조 타입 잉크젯 노즐의 유동해석오제훈
2010-11Three-dimensionally Reconstructed Model of the Cerebral Aneurysms and Fluid Analysis오제훈
2010-11자동차 와이퍼 블레이드의 단면거동에 대한 분석오제훈
2010-12Influence of C4F8 plasma treatment on size control of inkjet-printed dots on a flexible substrate오제훈
2011-02Semianalytical study of hemispherical meniscus oscillation with an anchored edge on a conductive flat plate under an ac electric field오제훈
2011-04Solvent and substrate effects on inkjet-printed dots and lines of silver nanoparticle colloids오제훈
2011-08Effects of plasma surface treatments on inkjet-printed feature sizes and surface characteristics오제훈