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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-05피드백 기반 랜덤 엑세스망에서의 순차적 간섭제거 기법전상운
2018-08기계학습기반 레이다기술 최신연구 동향전상운
2018-12양자 레이다 시스템 개발 동향 및 전망전상운
2019-10Cache-Enabled Interference Cancellation for Wireless Device-to-Device Caching Networks전상운
2022-03Hybrid neural coded modulation: Design and training methods전상운
2022-04A Dimension Group-Based Comprehensive Elite Learning Swarm Optimizer for Large-Scale Optimization전상운
2022-04Stochastic Triad Topology Based Particle Swarm Optimization for Global Numerical Optimization전상운
2022-05Predominant Cognitive Learning Particle Swarm Optimization for Global Numerical Optimization전상운
2022-09Real Environment-Aware Multisource Data-Associated Cold Chain Logistics Scheduling: A Multiple Population-Based Multiobjective Ant Colony System Approach전상운
2022-09Many-Objective Job-Shop Scheduling: A Multiple Populations for Multiple Objectives-Based Genetic Algorithm Approach전상운
2023-03A random elite ensemble learning swarm optimizer for high-dimensional optimization전상운
2023-04Handover Decision Making for Dense HetNets: A Reinforcement Learning Approach전상운
2023-07Heterogeneous cognitive learning particle swarm optimization for large-scale optimization problems전상운
2023-10A Scheme Library-Based Ant Colony Optimization with 2-Opt Local Search for Dynamic Traveling Salesman Problem전상운
2021-01Joint optimization of 3D hybrid beamforming and user scheduling for 2D planar antenna systems전상운
2021-06Dynamic Multichannel Access via Multi-agent Reinforcement Learning: Throughput and Fairness Guarantees전상운
2021-103D Hybrid Beamforming with 2D Planar Antenna Arrays for Downlink Massive MIMO Systems전상운
2021-10Performance Evaluation for NR Coexistence Study: Indoor Office Scenarios at 60 GHz전상운
2021-105G NR Performance Evaluation Under Phase Noise Distortion for 52.6 GHz to 71 GHz전상운
2021-12An Efficient Ant Colony System for Multi-Robot Task Allocation with Large-scale Cooperative Tasks and Precedence Constraints전상운