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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-08A novel methodology to monitor passenger mobility performance in urban subway stations오철
2021-09Optimal decision making in post-hazard bridge recovery strategies for transportation networks after seismic events서원호
2021-10Who (never) makes overnight leisure trips? Disentangling structurally zero trips from usual trip generation processes김성후
2021-12세부 집계단위별 교통 특성을 반영한 고속도로 안전성능함수 개발박준영
2021-01Freeway crashes involving drowsy driving: Crash characteristics and severity in South Korea오철
2021-01A data mining approach to deriving safety policy implications for taxi drivers오철
2021-02C-ITS 환경에서 차량 간 상호작용 분석을 통한 차내 경고 정보의 교통 안전성 효과 평가오철
2021-02Impact of Automated Truck Platooning on the Performance of Freeway Mixed Traffic Flow오철
2021-03Connected vehicle-based road safety information system (CROSS): Framework and evaluation오철
2021-04Applications of brain imaging methods in driving behaviour research오철
2021-06곡선부 초고속주행 시 고령 운전자의 횡방향 주행안전성 평가 연구오철
2021-06A Crash Prediction Method Based on Artificial Intelligence Techniques and Driving Behavior Event Data오철
1999-10사용자비용을 고려한 역사설계기준교통량 선정을 위한 시뮬레이션 기법의 적용서선덕
1999-11대중교통 수단간의 환승을 고려한 확률통행배정 기법의 개발김익기
1999-11C-로짓을 이용한 노선기반 확률 노선배정기법의 개발김익기
1999-11철도시스템 계획을 위한 통합 시뮬레이터의 개발과 적용서선덕
2022-01Determinants of personal concern about autonomous vehicles이건우
2022-02GPS data-based mobility mode inference model using long-term recurrent convolutional networks이건우
2021-09The role of trust in influencing consumers’ adoption of automated vehicles: An application of the health belief model이건우
2021-09Factors affecting injury severity and the number of vehicles involved in a freeway traffic accident: investigating their heterogeneous effects by facility type using a latent class approach박준영