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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-07Estimating VS30 at Korean Peninsular seismic observatory stations using HVSR of event records곽동엽
2021-07베이지안 네트워크와 코플라 함수의 결합을 통한 가뭄전이 발생확률의 정량적 분석김태웅
2021-08An open-source site database of strong-motion stations in Japan: K-NET and KiK-net (v1.0.0)곽동엽
2021-07Comprehensive Evaluation of Machine Learning Techniques for Hydrological Drought Forecasting김태웅
2021-08Impact of the virgin and aged polystyrene and polypropylene microfibers on the soil enzyme activity and the microbial community structure안진성
2021-10Pseudo-analytical solutions for multi-species biofilm model of aerobic granular sludge김문일
2021-10Application of principal component analysis to the anaerobic digestion process김문일
2021-10제약공정 폐유기용제 재자원화 탄소화합물의 혐기소화 가능성 평가김문일
2021-01Source and path effects of the ground motions recorded during the 2020 Haenam earthquake swarm in South Korea곽동엽
2021-03부분최소제곱 구조방정식모형을 이용한 경기도 지역 산불 발생 요인에 대한 기상 및 수문학적 요인의 영향 분석김태웅
2021-02Ground Saturation Response During First Filling of Lined Pressure Tunnels: A Case Study유한규
2021-02Impact of Construction Method and Ground Composition on Headrace Tunnel Stability in the Neelum-Jhelum Hydroelectric Project: A Case Study Review from Pakistan유한규
2021-03Drought in South Asia: A Review of Drought Assessment and Prediction in South Asian Countries김태웅
2021-04부분최소제곱 구조방정식(PLS-SEM)을 이용한 폭염과 가뭄의 영향평가김태웅
2021-05Development of a PCA-Based Vulnerability and Copula-Based Hazard Analysis for Assessing Regional Drought Risk김태웅
2021-06Expanded Longitudinal Deformation Profile in Tunnel Excavations Considering Rock Mass Conditions via 3D Numerical Analyses유한규
2021-06전로슬래그 및 페로니켈슬래그를 혼입한 모르타르의 기초물성 연구안기용
2021-06Evaluating the Hydrologic Risk of n-Year Floods According to RCP Scenarios김태웅
2021-06PLS-SEM을 이용한 강원도 산불 발생의 영향 요인 평가 : 가뭄 및 기상학적 요인을 중심으로김태웅
1999-10구조수명간 최소기대비용을 고려한 신뢰성에 기초한 최적내전안전수준의 결정조효남