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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-02The piezoelectricity of trabecular bone in cancellous bone wave propagation윤영준
2021-02Emergent robotic personality traits via agent-based simulation of abstract social environmentsCasey Bennett
2021-02팩트체크 뉴스에 대한 이용자 반응 분석: 언어적 특성, 인지·정서적 반응 및 논쟁 댓글의 출현 양상을 중심으로한경식
2020-10가상 소방 훈련에서 컨트롤러 양식에 따른 사용자 요인 조사한경식
2020-10The bounds for fully saturated porous material윤영준
2020-10The behavior of collagen-like molecules in response to different temperature setting methods in steered molecular dynamic simulation윤영준
2020-10Theoretical observation of waves in cancellous bone윤영준
2020-09Global Analysis of the Human RNA Degradome Reveals Widespread Decapped and Endonucleolytic Cleaved Transcripts원정임
2020-09Spatiotemporal dissociation of fMRI activity in the caudate nucleus underlies human de novo motor skill learning김성신
2020-09PuzzleWalk: A theory-driven iterative design inquiry of a mobile game for promoting physical activity in adults with autism spectrum disorder한경식
2020-09Usability inquiry of a gamified behavior change app for increasing physical activity and reducing sedentary behavior in adults with and without autism spectrum disorder한경식
2020-08Smombie Forecaster: Alerting Smartphone Users About Potential Hazards in Their Surroundings한경식
2020-07Effects of mood and aging on keystroke dynamics metadata and their diurnal patterns in a large open-science sample: A BiAffect iOS studyBennett, Casey
2019-06오일러체를 적용한 소수와 안전소수의 생성법 제안과 분석조호성
2019-06GAAP: A Genome Assembly+Annotation Pipeline원정임
2019-06On Approximate k-Nearest Neighbor Searches Based on the Earth Mover’s Distance for Efficient Content-Based Multimedia Information Retrieval원정임
2019-06WebPORD: a web-based pipeline of RNA degradome원정임
2019-09Probability Functions on Posets김재희
2014-12전문대졸 여성들의 일자리 경험에 대한 인식 연구조희숙
2014-12대졸자의 첫 직장 임금에 영향을 미치는 개인과 대학특성 요인조희숙