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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-07Promoting Discarded Packing Waste into Value-Added 2D Porous Carbon Flakes for Multifunctional Applications서정길
2019-06Direct Conversion of CO2 into Dimethyl Ether over Al2O3/Cu/ZnO Catalysts Prepared by Sequential Precipitation서영웅
2019-06Band Gap Narrowing of zinc Orthogermanate by Dimensional and Defect Modification장윤정
2019-06A sustainable mesoporous palladium-alumina catalyst for efficient hydrogen release from N-heterocyclic liquid organic hydrogen carriers서영웅
2019-06Efficient supercapattery behavior of mesoporous hydrous and anhydrous cobalt molybdate nanostructures김동원
2019-01Hybrid Microwave Annealing for Fabrication of More Efficient Semiconductor Photoanodes for Solar Water Splitting장윤정
2019-01Exfoliated NiFe Layered Double Hydroxide Cocatalyst for Enhanced Photoelectrochemical Water Oxidation with Hematite Photoanode장윤정
2019-02High-Loading Carbon Nanotubes on Polymer Nanofibers as Stand-Alone Anode Materials for Li-Ion Batteries서정길
2019-02Room-Temperature Ultrafast Synthesis of NiCo-Layered Double Hydroxide as an Excellent Electrocatalyst for Water Oxidation서정길
2019-03Hierarchical Free-Standing Networks of MnCo2S4 as Efficient Electrocatalyst for Oxygen Evolution Reaction서정길
2019-06Degradation Test for an Anodic Aluminum Oxide Film in Plasma Etching오성근
2019-05An efficient Cu-CeO2 citrate catalyst for higher aliphatic ketone synthesis via alkali-free alkylation of acetone with butanol서영웅
2019-05Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting with p-Type Metal Oxide Semiconductor Photocathodes장윤정
2019-06Mg-Ion Inversion in MgO@Al2O3 Oxides: The Origin of Basic Sites서정길
2019-06Highly Efficient g-C3N4 Nanorods with Dual Active Site as an Electrocatalyst for the Oxygen Evolution Reaction서정길
2019-03Development of novel sub-ambient membrane systems for energy-efficient post-combustion CO2 capture김진국
2019-02Effects of Al3+ precipitation onto primitive amorphous Cu-Zn precipitate on methanol synthesis over Cu/ZnO/Al2O3 catalyst서영웅
2019-02Flow Behaviors of Polymer Colloids and Curing Resins Affect Pore Diameters and Heights of Periodic Porous Polymer Films to Direct Their Surface and Optical Characteristics조은철
2019-06Self-assembled nitrogen-doped graphene quantum dots (N-GQDs) over graphene sheets for superb electro-photocatalytic activity고민재
2018-12Rapid Self-healing Film From Novel Photo Polymerization Additive.서동학