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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-10The effects of service quality determinants on social networking site-based commerce: the Malaysian customers? perspective안종창
2021-02기술변화에 따른 IT 서비스업의 숙련 미스매칭 분석안종창
2021-01Identifying Service Opportunities Based on Outcome-Driven Innovation Framework and Deep Learning: A Case Study of Hotel Service박현석
2020-12The design and development of a blockchainbased epro system for collecting clinical data이욱
2020-12Practical Verifiable Computation by Using a Hardware-Based Correct Execution Environment오현옥
2020-11Assessing multi-output Gaussian process regression for modeling of non-monotonic degradation trends of light emitting diodes in storage박현석
2020-11SNS에 기반을 둔 전자상거래의 서비스 품질에 영향을 미치는 요인에 대한 연구이욱
2020-11Research on the Quality of Employment Centered on Information Communication Technology Industry안종창
2020-10The role of information sharing-centered IT infrastructure factor by using advanced Metcalfe’s law: Case study of Incheon International Airport이욱
2020-10블록체인 플랫폼의 성능 및 확장성 검증을 위한 온체인 게임 설계 및 개발이욱
2020-09Scalable Wildcarded Identity-Based Encryption with Full Security오현옥
2020-08NVM-Shelf: Secure Hybrid Encryption with Less Flip for Non-Volatile Memory오현옥
2020-08Piecewise Model-Based Online Prognosis of Lithium-Ion Batteries Using Particle Filters박현석
2020-08BESTIE: Broadcast Encryption Scheme for Tiny IoT Equipment오현옥
2020-08Simulation-Extractable zk-SNARK With a Single Verification오현옥
2020-08NARX 신경망 최적화를 통한 주가 예측 및 영향 요인에 관한 연구이욱
2020-07Social networking sites self-image antecedents of social networking site addiction안종창
2020-07A performant bridge between fixed-size and variable-size seedingKUTZNER, ARNE HOLGER
2020-06Relationship between customers' online shopping behavior and personal information disclosure안종창
2020-06Hierarchical main path analysis to identify decompositional multi-knowledge trajectories박현석