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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-07The effect of social feature quality on the social commerce system이욱
2019-07탄소 배출량에 대한 중국 저탄소 경제의 분석안종창
2019-06SA-SPM: An Efficient Compiler for Security Aware Scratchpad Memory (Invited Paper)오현옥
2019-06Forward Secure Identity-based Signature Scheme with RSA오현옥
2019-05시각 장애인을 위한 스마트 장치 기반 플랫폼 구현이욱
2018-11정보보호 관리체계를 위한 주요 통제영역 연구: 금융 관련 조직을 중심으로안종창
2018-09Application of multi-output Gaussian process regression for remaining useful life prediction of light emitting diodes박현석
2018-08Developmental Trajectories in Electrical Steel Technology Using Patent Information박현석
2018-08Intention to donate via social network sites (SNSs): A comparison study between Malaysian and South Korean users안종창
2018-08Application of expectation maximization and Kalman smoothing for prognosis of lumen maintenance life for light emitting diodes박현석
2018-07A hybrid performance analysis technique for distributed real-time embedded systems오현옥
2018-07진화생물학을 기초로 한 인간의 컴퓨터기반 작업에관한 연구이욱
2018-06TV 광고 효과 향상을 위한 차세대 모바일 광고서비스 효과 연구이욱
2018-04Forward-secure ID based digital signature scheme with forward-secure private key generator오현옥
2018-02모바일 분야 중소기업에 대한 효율적 지원 방안 연구안종창
2018-02제4차 산업혁명의 고용 영향에 대한 실증적 연구안종창
2018-01Analyzing Technological Spillover Effects Between Technology Classes: the Case of Korea Technology Finance Corporation박현석
2018-01Brain plasticity, cognitive functions and neural stem cells: a pivotal role for the brain-specific neural master geneKUTZNER ARNE HOLGER
2017-11Cross-National Systematic Review of Neonatal Mortality and Postnatal Newborn Care: Special Focus on Pakistan원영준
2017-11모바일 분야 생태계 활성화 방안 연구 : 중소기업을 중심으로안종창