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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-09Effect of the RF bias on the plasma density in an argon inductively coupled plasma정진욱
2020-09Flexible Control Structure for Enhancement of Scalability in DC Microgrids김래영
2020-09On-Line Diagnosis and Fault State Classification Method of Photovoltaic Plant김진오
2020-09Motor Cerebellar Connectivity and Future Development of Freezing of Gait in De Novo Parkinson's Disease이종민
2020-09Altered Cortical Functional Networks in Patients With Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder: A Resting-State Electroencephalographic Study임창환
2020-09Electrical energy harvesting from ferritin biscrolled carbon nanotube yarn김선정
2020-09Robust Longitudinal Vehicle Speed Control with Deceleration Profile for Stop Operation정정주
2020-09Multi-Model Recurrent Neural Network Control for Lane Change Systems under Speed Variation정정주
2020-09Vehicle Longitudinal Control with Velocity Profile for Stop and Go Operation정정주
2020-09Radar-Based Lane Estimation with Deep Neural Network for Lane-Keeping System of Autonomous Highway Driving정정주
2020-09Local Path Planning Using Artificial Potential Field for Waypoint Tracking with Collision Avoidance정정주
2020-09Extended State Observer Based Robust Position Tracking Control Using Nonlinear Damping Gain for Quadrotors With External Disturbance문준
2020-09Local Trajectory Planning for Lane Change Based on Global Waypoint Map정정주
2020-09Surface Discharge Mechanism on Epoxy Resin in Electronegative Gases and Its Application배성우
2020-09Explicit Characterization of Feedback Nash Equilibria for Indefinite, Linear-Quadratic, Mean-Field-Type Stochastic Zero-Sum Differential Games with Jump-Diffusion Models문준
2020-08Robust Vehicle Speed Control Using Disturbance Observer in Hybrid Electric Vehicles이형철
2020-08Dynamic Extension Algorithm-Based Tracking Control of STATCOM Via Port-Controlled Hamiltonian System정정주
2020-08Electrical and plasma characterization of a hybrid plasma source combined with inductively coupled and capacitively coupled plasmas for O atom generation정진욱
2020-08Gender-Related and Hemispheric Effects in Cortical Thickness-Based Hemispheric Brain Morphological Network이종민
2020-08Cortical thinning pattern according to differential nigrosome involvement in patients with Parkinson's disease이종민