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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-05Optimization of Magnetic Field Focusing and Null Steering for Selective Wireless Power Transfer이병훈
2020-05Efficient Wireless Power Transfer System With a Miniaturized Quad-Band Implantable Antenna for Deep-Body Multitasking Implants유형석
2020-05Real-Time Recognition of Facial Expressions Using Facial Electromyograms Recorded Around the Eyes for Social Virtual Reality Applications임창환
2020-05Optimization of the Energy Conversion Efficiency by Bending Deflection Piezoelectric Cantilever Beams성태현
2020-05Analysis and Mitigation on Switching Transients of Medium-Voltage Low-Harmonic Filter Banks김진오
2020-05Integrated microflow cytometry for portable immunophenotypic cell analysis최성용
2020-05Self-Helical Fiber for Glucose-Responsive Artificial Muscle장용우
2020-05Self-Helical Fiber for Glucose-Responsive Artificial Muscle김선정
2020-05Two-Ply Carbon Nanotube Fiber-Typed Enzymatic Biofuel Cell Implanted in Mice김선정
2020-05Identification of Novel Genes Associated with Cortical Thickness in Alzheimer's Disease: Systems Biology Approach to Neuroimaging Endophenotype이종민
2020-05Development of 60-GHz millimeter wave, electromagnetic bandgap ground planes for multiple-input multiple-output antenna applications유형석
2020-04Hydrophoresis - A Microfluidic Principle for Directed Particle Migration in Flow최성용
2020-04Assessing Human Exposure With Medical Implants to Electromagnetic Fields From a Wireless Power Transmission System in an Electric Vehicle유형석
2020-04On-site fabrication of injectable I-131-labeled microgels for local radiotherapy최성용
2020-04Quasi-solid-state highly stretchable circular knitted MnO2@CNT supercapacitor장용우
2020-04Quasi-solid-state highly stretchable circular knitted MnO2@CNT supercapacitor김선정
2020-04Altered structural brain networks at term-equivalent age in preterm infants with grade 1 intraventricular hemorrhage이종민
2020-04Vehicle-in-the-Loop in Global Coordinates for Advanced Driver Assistance System이형철
2020-04Wearable Energy Generating and Storing Textile Based on Carbon Nanotube Yarns김선정
2020-04Toward a compact hybrid brain-computer interface (BCI): Performance evaluation of multi-class hybrid EEG-fNIRS BCIs with limited number of channels임창환