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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-11Open-Source Fluorescence Spectrometer for Noncontact Scientific Research and Education최성용
2021-11Wind-up precision pump for portable microfluidics최성용
2021-11Open-source and do-it-yourself microfluidics최성용
2022-06Real-time monitoring of mono- and dual-species biofilm formation and eradication using microfluidic platform최성용
2021-03Subject-Independent Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy-Based Brain-Computer Interfaces Based on Convolutional Neural Networks임창환
2021-05Multi-channel transorbital electrical stimulation for effective stimulation of posterior retina임창환
2021-09Estimation of Emotional Arousal Changes of a Group of Individuals During Movie Screening Using Steady-State Visual-Evoked Potential임창환
2021-09Classification of Gamers Using Multiple Physiological Signals: Distinguishing Features of Internet Gaming Disorder임창환
2021-10Influence of the Number of Channels and Classification Algorithm on the Performance Robustness to Electrode Shift in Steady-State Visual Evoked Potential-Based Brain-Computer Interfaces임창환
2021-10EEG response to game-craving according to personal preference for games임창환
2021-11Comparative analysis of default mode networks in major psychiatric disorders using resting-state EEG임창환
2021-12Can corticomuscular coherence differentiate between rem sleep behavior disorder with or without parkinsonism?임창환
2021-12Author Correction: Comparative analysis of default mode networks in major psychiatric disorders using resting-state EEG임창환
2022-02Classification of Individual's discrete emotions reflected in facial microexpressions using electroencephalogram and facial electromyogram임창환
2022-02Novel Hybrid Brain-Computer Interface for Virtual Reality Applications Using Steady-State Visual-Evoked Potential-Based Brain-Computer Interface and Electrooculogram-Based Eye Tracking for Increased Information Transfer Rate임창환
2022-02인지부하의 정도에 따른 뇌신경생리학적 변화임창환
2022-03Development of an In-Car Environment Control System Using an SSVEP-based BCI with Visual Stimuli Presented on a Head-Up Display임창환
2022-04Multipair transcranial temporal interference stimulation for improved focalized stimulation of deep brain regions: A simulation study임창환
2022-04Enhanced Performance by Interpretable Low-Frequency Electroencephalogram Oscillations in the Machine Learning-Based Diagnosis of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder임창환
2022-0880 Hz but not 40 Hz, transcranial alternating current stimulation of 80 Hz over right intraparietal sulcus increases visuospatial working memory capacity임창환