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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-04Design Models for Power Flow Management of a Grid-Connected Solar Photovoltaic System with Energy Storage System배성우
2020-04도심 주행 조건에 따른 차량 탑재 태양광모듈의 발전특성 분석배성우
2020-04Riemannian classifier enhances the accuracy of machine-learning-based diagnosis of PTSD using resting EEG임창환
2020-03A Multiphase Resonance-Based Boosting Rectifier With Dual Outputs for Wireless Power Transmission이병훈
2020-03Development of a Brain-Computer Interface Toggle Switch with Low False-Positive Rate Using Respiration-Modulated Photoplethysmography임창환
2020-03Interhemispheric and Intrahemispheric Connectivity From the Left Pars Opercularis Within the Language Network Is Modulated by Transcranial Stimulation in Healthy Subjects임창환
2020-03Experimental Investigation of Improvement in the Dielectric Recovery Characteristics of a Molded Case Circuit Breaker Splitter Plate고광철
2020-03Compact and Flexible Wideband Antenna for Intraoral Tongue-Drive System for People With Disabilities유형석
2020-03First-principles study of clean tungsten surface work function under electric fieldLin, Ming-Chieh
2020-03Effect of low frequency power on the electron energy distribution function in argon inductively coupled plasmas김주호
2020-03Effect of low frequency power on the electron energy distribution function in argon inductively coupled plasmas정진욱
2020-03First-principles study of the electronic properties of graphene nanostructures for high current density cathodesLin, Ming-Chieh
2020-03Performance Improvement of Near-Infrared Spectroscopy-Based Brain-Computer Interface Using Regularized Linear Discriminant Analysis Ensemble Classifier Based on Bootstrap Aggregating임창환
2020-03Telomere shortening reflecting physical aging is associated with cognitive decline and dementia conversion in mild cognitive impairment due to Alzheimer's disease이종민
2020-03Nonlinear circuit analysis of intermodulation currents in a floating Langmuir probe with a capacitive load정진욱
2020-03Hysteresis and current reduction during E–H mode transition in an inductively coupled plasma정진욱
2020-03Prediction of Individual User’s Dynamic Ranges of EEG Features from Resting-State EEG Data for Evaluating Their Suitability for Passive Brain–Computer Interface Applications임창환
2020-02Inductive Power Transmission for Wearable Textile Heater using Series-None Topology이병훈
2020-02A Miniaturized Dual-Band Implantable Antenna System for Medical Applications유형석
2020-02Metamaterial-Loaded Compact High-Gain Dual-Band Circularly Polarized Implantable Antenna System for Multiple Biomedical Applications유형석