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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-03Nonlinear circuit analysis of intermodulation currents in a floating Langmuir probe with a capacitive load정진욱
2020-03Hysteresis and current reduction during E–H mode transition in an inductively coupled plasma정진욱
2020-03Prediction of Individual User’s Dynamic Ranges of EEG Features from Resting-State EEG Data for Evaluating Their Suitability for Passive Brain–Computer Interface Applications임창환
2020-02Inductive Power Transmission for Wearable Textile Heater using Series-None Topology이병훈
2020-02A Miniaturized Dual-Band Implantable Antenna System for Medical Applications유형석
2020-02Metamaterial-Loaded Compact High-Gain Dual-Band Circularly Polarized Implantable Antenna System for Multiple Biomedical Applications유형석
2020-02Propeller-based Underwater Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting System for an Autonomous IoT Sensor System성태현
2020-02On the E to H mode transition in a dual frequency (2 and 13.56MHz) inductively coupled plasma김주호
2020-02On the E to H mode transition in a dual frequency (2 and 13.56 MHz) inductively coupled plasma정진욱
2020-02Carbon Nanotube Yarn for Fiber-Shaped Electrical Sensors, Actuators, and Energy Storage for Smart Systems장용우
2020-02Design and development of field emission based magnetron for industrial applications using conformal finite-difference time-domain particle-in-cell simulationsLin, Ming-Chieh
2020-01Open-source, handheld, wireless spectrometer for rapid biochemical assays최성용
2020-01Soft Materials, Stretchable Mechanics, and Optimized Designs for Body-Wearable Compliant Antennas유형석
2020-01Self-Powered Operational Amplifying System with a Bipolar Voltage Generator Using a Piezoelectric Energy Harvester성태현
2020-01무향 칼만 필터를 이용한 타이어 수직하중 변화 추정정정주
2020-01Study on Line-Start Permanent Magnet Assistance Synchronous Reluctance Motor for Improving Efficiency and Power Factor이주
2019-10A Software-Defined Radio Receiver for Wireless Recording from Freely-Behaving Animals이병훈
2019-08A mm-Sized Free-Floating Wirelessly Powered Implantable Optical Stimulation Device이병훈
2019-07Robust Self-Regulated Rectifier for Parallel-Resonant Rx Coil in Multiple-Receiver Wireless Power Transmission System이병훈
2019-05An area and power efficient interpolation scheme using variable current control for 10-bit data drivers in mobile active-matrix LCDs이병훈