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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-07Catalytic thermolysis of oak sawdust using Fe-based catalyst and CO2송호철
2019-07Fabrication and environmental applications of multifunctional mixed metal-biochar composites (MMBC) from red mud and lignin wastes송호철
2019-07Strategic use of biochar for CO2 capture and sequestration권일한
2019-07Valorization of sewage sludge via a pyrolytic platform using carbon dioxide as a reactive gas medium권일한
2019-08Preparation of nitrogen-doped Cu-biochar and its application into catalytic reduction of p-nitrophenol송호철
2019-08Analysis of fatty acids in mouse tissue via in situ transmethylation with biochar권일한
2019-08Renewable routes to monomeric precursors of nylon 66 and nylon 6 from food waste권일한
2019-08Orange peel valorization by pyrolysis under the carbon dioxide environment권일한
2019-09Microwave pyrolysis valorization of used baby diaper권일한
2019-09Synthesis of fatty acid methyl esters via non-catalytic transesterification of avocado oil with dimethyl carbonate권일한
2019-09Modification of biochar properties using CO2권일한
2019-09Biochar-based engineered composites for sorptive decontamination of water: A review권일한
2019-10Bioalcohol production from acidogenic products via a two-step process: A case study of butyric acid to butanol권일한
2019-10Valorization of sewage sludge via non-catalytic transesterification권일한
2019-10Consecutive reduction of Cr(VI) by Fe(II) formed through photo-reaction of iron-dissolved organic matter originated from biochar권일한
2019-10Photoconversion of carbon dioxide into fuels using semiconductors권일한
2019-11A review on functional polymer-clay based nanocomposite membranes for treatment of water송호철
2019-11Microwave vacuum pyrolysis of waste plastic and used cooking oil for simultaneous waste reduction and sustainable energy conversion: Recovery of cleaner liquid fuel and techno-economic analysis권일한
2019-11Valorization of alum sludge via a pyrolysis platform using CO2 as reactive gas medium권일한
2019-11Temporal dynamics of urban heat island correlated with the socio-economic development over the past half-century in Seoul, Korea권일한