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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-07Evaluation of Infrared Radiation Combined with Hot Air Convection for Energy-Efficient Drying of Biomass전병훈
2019-08Effect of precipitation on physico-chemical and catalytic properties of Cu-Zn-Al catalyst for water-gas shift reaction전병훈
2019-06Deep learning applications in EM imaging변중무
2019-06Resistivity imaging from electromagnetic data using a fully convolutional network변중무
2019-06An important parameter for synthesis of Al2O3 supported Cu-Zn catalysts in low-temperature water-gas shift reaction under practical reaction condition전병훈
2019-06Uptake and biodegradation of emerging contaminant sulfamethoxazole from aqueous phase using Ipomoea aquaticaGovindwar, Sanjay Prabhu
2019-06Uptake and biodegradation of emerging contaminant sulfamethoxazole from aqueous phase using Ipomoea aquatica전병훈
2019-06Phyto-fabrication of silver nanoparticles by Acacia nilotica leaves: Investigating their antineoplastic, free radical scavenging potential and application in H2O2 sensing전병훈
2019-06Rapid detection of heavy metal-induced toxicity in water using a fed-batch sulfur-oxidizing bacteria (SOB) bioreactor전병훈
2019-06Sequential photocatalysis and biological treatment for the enhanced degradation of the persistent azo dye methyl red전병훈
2019-07Overexpression of c-type cytochrome, CymA in Shewanella oneidensis MR-1 for enhanced bioelectricity generation and cell growth in a microbial fuel전병훈
2019-04Salt Delineation From Electromagnetic Data Using Convolutional Neural Networks변중무
2019-05History Matching and Forecast of Shale Gas Production Considering Hydraulic Fracture Closure왕지훈
2019-03Occurrence and Characterization of Paraffin Wax Formed in Developing Wells and Pipelines왕지훈
2019-05A structure-tensor-constrained cooperative inversion using an extracted physical property distribution변중무
2019-01A new sorption-corrected deconvolution method for production data analysis in a shale gas reservoir containing adsorbed gas성원모
2019-01Enhanced oil recovery efficiency of low-salinity water flooding in oil reservoirs including Fe2+ ions성원모
2018-12Co-planted floating phyto-bed along with microbial fuel cell for enhanced textile effluent treatmentSanjay Prabhu Govindwar
2018-12Biodegradation of a monochlorotriazine dye, cibacron brilliant red 3B-A in solid state fermentation by wood-rot fungal consortium, Daldinia concentrica and Xylaria polymorpha Co-biomass decolorization of cibacron brilliant red 3B-A dyeSanjay Prabhu Govindwar
2018-12Process kinetic studies of biohydrogen production by co-fermentation of fruit-vegetable wastes and cottage cheese whey전병훈