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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-11-05Interaction energies for hollow and solid cylinders: Role of aspect ratio and particle orientation김현중
2019-12Fungal bioextraction of iron from kaolin김현중
2019-12Comparison of two morphologically different fungal biomass types for experimental separation of labile aluminium species using atomic spectrometry methods김현중
2020-03Regularization of multidimensional sparse seismic data using Delaunay tessellation변중무
2020-03Imaging subsurface resistivity structure from airborne electromagnetic induction data using deep neural network변중무
2020-03Pretreatment of polysaccharidic wastes with cellulolytic Aspergillus fumigatus for enhanced production of biohythane in a dual-stage process전병훈
2020-03One-pot sol-gel synthesis of a CoMo catalyst for sustainable biofuel production by solvent- and hydrogen-free deoxygenation: effect of the citric acid ratio전병훈
2020-03Experimental Study on Stress Corrosion Index Governing Time-Dependent Degradation of Rock Strength이승원
2020-03Composition of Synthesized Cellulolytic Enzymes Varied with the Usage of Agricultural Substrates and MicroorganismsGovindwar, Sanjay Prabhu
2020-03해외자원개발사업의 국내 경제 파급효과 분석김진수
2020-02Effects of Aqueous Solubility and Geochemistry on CO2 Injection for Shale Gas Reservoirs이근상
2020-02Application of Artificial Neural Networks in Assessing Mining Subsidence Risk이승원
2020-02Simulation of layout rearrangement in the grinding/classification process for increasing throughput of industrial gold ore plant박재구
2020-01Stress concentrations and failure modes in horizontal wells accounting for elastic anisotropy of shale formations왕지훈
2020-01Location-based parameterization of controlled-source electromagnetic data inversion for the monitoring of hydraulic fracturing with magnetically enhanced proppants변중무
2020-01Enhanced anaerobic co-digestion of fat, oil, and grease by calcium addition: Boost of biomethane production and microbial community shift전병훈
2020-01Waste sludge derived adsorbents for arsenate removal from water전병훈
2020-01Increase in stability of BaCo/CeO2 catalyst by optimizing the loading amount of Ba promoter for high-temperature water-gas shift reaction using waste-derived synthesis gas전병훈
2020-01Microbial community acclimatization for enhancement in the methane productivity of anaerobic co-digestion of fats, oil, and grease전병훈
2020-01Microbial community acclimatization for enhancement in the methane productivity of anaerobic co-digestion of fats, oil, and greaseSaha, Shouvik