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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-05Pore fluid estimation using effective workflow of Poisson impedance analysis변중무
2020-05Cationic collector conformations on an oxide mineral interface: Roles of pH, ionic strength, and ion valence김현중
2020-05Probabilistic reservoir characterisation using 3D pdf of stochastic forward modelling results in Vincent oil field변중무
2020-05Toxicity of benzophenone-3 and its biodegradation in a freshwater microalga Scenedesmus obliquusGovindwar, Sanjay Prabhu
2020-05Toxicity of benzophenone-3 and its biodegradation in a freshwater microalga Scenedesmus obliquus전병훈
2020-05Effect of Rock Abrasiveness on Wear of Shield Tunnelling in Bukit Timah Granite이승원
2020-05Biomethane enhancement via plastic carriers in anaerobic co-digestion of agricultural wastes전병훈
2020-04Biocomponent-based microalgal transformations into biofuels during the pretreatment and fermentation process전병훈
2020-04Simulation Study to Evaluate the Impact of Fracture Parameters on Shale Gas Productivity이근상
2020-04Efficient Waste to Energy Conversion Based on Co-CeO2 Catalyzed Water-Gas Shift Reaction전병훈
2020-04Revisiting the Relation between Renewable Electricity and Economic Growth: A Renewable-Growth Hypothesis김진수
2020-04Pyrolytic remediation of crude oil-contaminated soil전병훈
2020-04Metronidazole and Cephalexin degradation by using of Urea/TiO2/ZnFe2O4/Clinoptiloite catalyst under visible-light irradiation and ozone injection전병훈
2020-01Electrospun hydrogen manganese oxide nanofibers as effective adsorbents for Li+ recovery from seawater김현중
2020-02Liquid–Liquid Extraction and Reductive Stripping of Chromium to Valorize Industrial Effluent김현중
2020-02Improved formaldehyde gas sensing properties of well-controlled Au nanoparticle-decorated In2O3 nanofibers integrated on low power MEMS platform김현중
2020-02Extraction of nickel and cobalt from a laterite ore using the carbothermic reduction roasting-ammoniacal leaching process김현중
2020-02Transport behaviors of plastic particles in saturated quartz sand without and with biochar/Fe3O4-biochar amendment김현중
2019-02Flotation separation of quartz from apatite and surface forces in bubble–particle interactions: Role of pH and cationic amine collector contents김현중
2019-04Cotransport and Deposition of Iron Oxides with Different-Sized Plastic Particles in Saturated Quartz Sand김현중