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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-07A multiphase resonance-based boosting rectifier with dual outputs for wireless power transmission임재명
2019-10직접 시퀀스 대역 확산 신호 검출 알고리즘 연구문희찬
2019-11Score-based Aggregation for Attention Modules in Image Classification Tasks정기석
2019-11Mitigating Row-hammering by Adapting the Probability of Additional Row Refresh정기석
2021-02Sensor Models for V2X Situational Awareness LearningIGBAFE ORIKUMHI
2021-02Stochastic Precision Ensemble: Self-Knowledge Distillation for Quantized Deep Neural Networks최정욱
2021-02A Low-Area and Fully Nonlinear 10-Bit Column Driver With Low-Voltage DAC and Switched-Capacitor Amplifier for Active-Matrix Displays최병덕
2021-02Synthesis and photoluminescent characteristics of Sm3+-doped Ba3(PO4)2 phosphor hierarchical architectures박진섭
2021-02Secure IC with Countermeasure to Unpowered Physical Attack using On-chip Photodiode and Charge Pump김동규
2021-02Hand Gestures Recognition Using Radar Sensors for Human-Computer-Interaction: A Review조성호
2021-02Deep Q-network-based noise suppression for robust speech recognition장준혁
2021-02Simulating TSN Traffic Scheduling and Shaping For Future Automotive Ethernet박승권
2021-02A Theoretical Analysis of Mobility Detection in Connectivity-Based Localization for Short-Range Networks김선우
2021-02Coupling electrostatic induction and global electron circulation for constant-current triboelectric nanogenerators김태환
2021-02Optimizing the mmWave Channel Estimation Duration by Rate Prediction김선우
2021-02Process-Portable and Programmable Layout Generation of Digital Circuits in Advanced DRAM Technologies한재덕
2021-02Machine Learning-Based Vehicle Trajectory Prediction Using V2V Communications and On-Board Sensors이상선
2021-02A 7nm 4-Core AI Chip with 25.6TFLOPS Hybrid FP8 Training, 102.4TOPS INT4 Inference and Workload-Aware Throttling최정욱
2021-02An Output-Bandwidth-Optimized 200Gb/s PAM-4 100Gb/s NRZ Transmitter with 5-Tap FFE in 28nm CMOS한재덕
2021-02Organic light-emitting devices based on conducting polymer treated with benzoic acid김태환