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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-11구역 별 히스토그램을 이용한 개선된 히스토그램 처리 기법정제창
2019-11관심 영역에 기반한 저심도 이미지 후처리 구현 방법정제창
2019-11FPGA를 이용한 JPEG 압축모듈 구현정제창
2019-11모폴로지 기법을 이용한 이미지 샤프닝 알고리듬정제창
2019-10Security SoC Architecture with Hardware-Based Pre-Authentication김동규
2019-10A Quad-Band Dual-Sense Circularly-Polarized Square-Ring Antenna for Multi-Functional Wireless Applications윤태열
2019-10Effects of Grain Size on the Electrical Characteristics of Three-Dimensional NAND Flash Memory Devices김태환
2019-10Enhancement of the Electrical Characteristics for 3D NAND Flash Memory Devices Due to a Modified Cell Structure in the Gate Region김태환
2019-10Highly Reliable Electronic Synapse Based on Au@Al2O3 Core-Shell Nanoparticles for Neuromorphic Applications김태환
2019-10Fast and Scalable Soft Decision Decoding of Linear Block Codes정제창
2019-10NIR Reflection Augmentation for DeepLearning-Based NIR Face Recognition김회율
2019-10Design and Automatic Generation of High-Speed Circuits for Wireline Communications한재덕
2019-10State-Space Microphone Array Nonlinear Acoustic Echo Cancellation Using Multi-Microphone Near-End Speech Covariance장준혁
2019-10Robust LMedS-Based WLS and Tukey-Based EKF Algorithms Under LOS/NLOS Mixture Conditions장준혁
2019-10Design of FPGA-Based LZ77 Compressor With Runtime Configurable Compression Ratio and Throughput송윤흡
2019-10Ecoflex-Passivated Graphene-Yarn Composite for a Highly Conductive and Stretchable Strain Sensor박완준
2019-10A Highly Efficient Absorbent for Various Organic Solvents Using Hydrophobic Graphene-Sponge Composite박완준
2019-10Ultra-high-image-density, large-size organic light-emitting device panels based on highly reliable gate driver circuits integrated by using InGaZnO thin-film transistors김태환
2019-10Efficient method for interleaver parameter estimation in a fading channel윤동원
2019-10Speckle noise reduction for ultrasound images by using speckle reducing anisotropic diffusion and Bayes threshold정제창