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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-07Circularly Polarized Loop-Type Ground Radiation Antenna for IoT Applications김형동
2019-07A 24 GHz ISM band Doppler radar system for moving target sensing정경영
2019-07A 24 GHz ISM Band Doppler Radar System for Moving Target Sensing최재훈
2019-07A 24 GHz ISM-Band Doppler Radar Antenna With High Isolation Characteristic for Moving Target Sensing Applications최재훈
2019-07A Compact Rx Antenna Integration for 3D Direction-Finding Passive Radar최재훈
2019-06Improving Ring-oscillator-based True Random Number Generators using Multiple Sampling김동규
2019-06Newmark-FDTD Formulation for Modified Lorentz Dispersive Medium and Its Equivalence to Auxiliary Differential Equation-FDTD with Bilinear Transformation정경영
2019-06Secure Integrated Circuit with Physical Attack Detection based on Reconfigurable Top Metal Shield최병덕
2019-06A Fast Transient and Low Power Capacitor-less Low-dropout Regulator using Advanced Dynamic Biasing Method권오경
2019-06Boosting Carrier Mobility in Zinc Oxynitride Thin-Film Transistors via Tantalum Oxide Encapsulation정재경
2019-07Electrical Stability Analysis of Dynamic Logic Using Amorphous Indium-Gallium-Zinc-Oxide TFTs최병덕
2019-06Non-contact respiration monitoring using impulse radio ultrawideband radar in neonates조성호
2019-06Inference in Probabilistic Graphical Models by Graph Neural Networks윤기중
2019-06Speckle Noise Removal Technique in SAR Images using SRAD and Weighted Least Squares Filter정제창
2019-07A Real-Time, 1.89-GHz Bandwidth, 175-kHz Resolution Sparse Spectral Analysis RISC-V SoC in 16-nm FinFET한재덕
2019-10Graphene surface contacts of tin disulfide transistors for switching performance improvement and contact resistance reduction이승백
2019-06Densely Connected Hierarchical Network for Image Denoising정제창
2019-06Deep Iterative Down-Up CNN for Image Denoising정제창
2019-06Single Image Super Resolution Reconstruction Based on Recursive Residual Convolutional Neural Network정제창
2019-06Improved Residual Network for Single Image Super Resolution정제창