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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-05Design and analysis of fT-doubler-based RF amplifiers in SiGe HBT technology송익현
2020-05Mitigation of single-event effects in SiGe HBT current-mode logic circuits송익현
2020-05Transparent ultra-thin silver electrodes formed via a maskless evaporation process for applications in flexible organic light-emitting devices김태환
2020-05A 6-Gb/s Wireline Receiver With Intrapair Skew Compensation and Three-Tap Decision-Feedback Equalizer in 28-nm CMOS유창식
2020-05FDTD Modeling for the Accurate Electromagnetic Wave Analysis of Graphene정경영
2020-05A new ultra-wideband miniaturized antenna with a double-branch radiator김형동
2020-05Time-optimized 3D Path Smoothing with Kinematic Constraints서일홍
2020-05현실 세계에서의 로봇 파지 작업을 위한 정책/가치 심층 강화학습 플랫폼 개발서일홍
2020-05Deep neural network ensemble for reducing artificial noise in bandwidth extension장준혁
2020-05Facile synthesis of cobalt-nickel sulfide thin film as a promising counter electrode for triiodide reduction in dye-sensitized solar cells박재근
2020-05Enrichment of Circulating Tumor Cells from Whole Blood Using a Microfluidic Device for Sequential Physical and Magnetophoretic Separations이승백
2020-05In-Air Continuous Writing Using UWB Impulse Radar Sensors조성호
2020-05Interfacial Chemical and Mechanical Reactions between Tungsten-Film and Nano-Scale Colloidal Zirconia Abrasives for Chemical-Mechanical-Planarization박재근
2020-05Progressive Feature Matching: Incremental Graph Construction and Optimization서일홍
2020-04Robust Machine Learning Systems: Challenges,Current Trends, Perspectives, and the Road Ahead최정욱
2020-04Guest Editorial: Robust Resource-Constrained Systems for Machine Learning최정욱
2020-04Ultraviolet photodetectors using hollow p-CuO nanospheres/n-ZnO nanorods with a pn junction structure박진섭
2020-04Highly Stable and Flexible Memristive Devices Based on Polyvinylpyrrolidone: WS2 Quantum Dots김태환
2020-04Significant enhancement of out-coupling efficiency for yarn-based organic light-emitting devices with an organic scattering layer김태환
2020-04Voltage-mode PAM4 driver with differential ternary R-2R DAC architecture유창식