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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-12Fabrication of coral-reef structured nano silica for self-cleaning and super- hydrophobic textile applications정성훈
2020-11Programmable Building Blocks via Internal Stress Engineering for 3D Collective Assembly위정재
2020-11Fabrication of silane-grafted graphene oxide and its effect on the structural, thermal, mechanical, and hysteretic behavior of polyurethane김성훈
2020-11High-Speed Production of Crystalline Semiconducting Polymer Line Arrays by Meniscus Oscillation Self-Assembly위정재
2020-11열가소성 폴리우레탄과 미세결정 셀룰로오스 복합체의 제조 및 기계적 물성 분석위정재
2020-10Optimization of Gate-Bias Stability and Gas-Sensing Properties of Triethylsilylethynyl Anthradithiophene Micro-Strip Field-Effect Transistors by Incorporating Insulating Polymer박희준
2020-10Aqueous-processable surface modified graphite with manganese oxide for lithium-ion battery anode한태희
2020-10Multifunctional Three-Dimensional Curvilinear Self-Folding of Glassy Polymers위정재
2020-10PbS-Based Quantum Dot Solar Cells with Engineered π-Conjugated Polymers Achieve 13% Efficiency정인환
2020-10High-Detectivity Green-Selective All-Polymer p-n Junction Photodetectors정인환
2020-10Flame-Retardant Mechanism and Mechanical Properties of Wet-Spun Poly(acrylonitrile-co-vinylidene chloride) Fibers with Antimony Trioxide and Zinc Hydroxystannate안희준
2020-09Defect-Passivating Organic/inorganic Bicomponent Hole-Transport Layer for High Efficiency Metal Halide Perovskite Device박희준
2020-09Effect of donor-pi-acceptor structure on photochromism of dithienylethene-based dyes정재윤
2020-08Acceptor–acceptor-type conjugated polymer for use in n-type organic thin-film transistors and thermoelectric devices정인환
2020-08Rheological Investigation of Relaxation Behavior of Polycarbonate/Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene Blends한태희
2020-07Improved Size Distribution of AgBiS2 Colloidal Nanocrystals by Optimized Synthetic Route Enhances Photovoltaic Performance정인환
2020-07Dyeing and Antibacterial Properties of Chemically Recycled PET Thermal-Bonded Nonwovens Dyed with Terminalia chebula Dye김성훈
2020-06Thiophene backbone-based polymers with electron-withdrawing pendant groups for application in organic thin-film transistors정인환
2020-06Ultrafast photo-annealed carbon-coated SiO2 sphere electrodes for NO2 gas sensing한태희
2020-06An all carbon dye sensitized solar cell: A sustainable and low-cost design for metal free wearable solar cell devices정성훈