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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-082,3-Dicyanopyrazines Substituted Styryl Electron-Donor Group and Its Application for OLED Emitting Materials정재윤
2014-0125th Anniversary Article: Chemically Modified/Doped Carbon Nanotubes & Graphene for Optimized Nanostructures & Nanodevices한태희
2018-102D Ti3C2 MXene/WO3 Hybrid Architectures for High-Rate Supercapacitors김성훈
2018-122D Ti3C2 MXene/WO3 Hybrid Architectures for High-Rate Supercapacitors한태희
2017-01A complete carbon counter electrode for high performance quasi solid state dye sensitized solar cellAyoub, Alvira
2020-08Acceptor–acceptor-type conjugated polymer for use in n-type organic thin-film transistors and thermoelectric devices정인환
2020-03Activated charcoal and reduced graphene sheets composite structure for highly electro-catalytically active counter electrode material and water treatment정성훈
2018-07Advanced Hybrid Functional Materials for Energy Applications정성훈
2013-04Advanced Polymerization and Properties of Biobased High T-g polyester of Isosorbide and 1,4-Cyclohexanedicarboxylic Acid through in Situ Acetylation임승순
2012-03Aligned nickel-cobalt hydroxide nanorod arrays for electrochemical pseudocapacitor applications안희준
2015-06Alkylation of mixed micro- and nanocellulose to improve dispersion in polylactide김성훈
2015-06Alkylation of mixed micro- and nanocellulose to improve dispersion in polylactide김성훈
2019-07Alkylthiazole-based semicrystalline polymer donors for fullerene-free organic solar cells정인환
2020-06An all carbon dye sensitized solar cell: A sustainable and low-cost design for metal free wearable solar cell devices정성훈
2012-10Antimicrobial activity of organic photosensitizers embedded in electrospun nylon 6 nanofibers김성훈
2019-11Application of smectite for textile dyeing and fastness improvement김성훈
2016-02Axially substituted silicon (IV) tetrapyrazinoporphyrazines: Synthesis, characterization and investigation of photophysicochemical properties정재윤
2015-05Batchwise dyeing of bamboo cellulose fabric with reactive dye using ultrasonic energy김성훈
2019-03Bifacial Passivation of Organic Hole Transport Interlayer for NiOx-Based p-i-n Perovskite Solar Cells박희준
2012-09Binary metal hydroxide nanorods and multi-walled carbon nanotube composites for electrochemical energy storage applications안희준