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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-12-31Segmental Analysis Trial of Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy for Quality Assurance of Linear Accelerator김찬형
2020-03Diffusion synthetic acceleration with the fine mesh rebalance of the subcell balance method with tetrahedral meshes for SN transport calculations홍서기
2020-03Development of Detailed Korean Adult Eye Model for Lens Dose Calculation김찬형
2020-03B3 선량계 기반 투과깊이선량 분포의 해석적 방법을 통한 10 MeV 전자가속기 공정의 균일성 평가정윤선
2020-02Nano/microscale roghness control of accident-tolerant Cr- and CrAl-coated surfaces to enhance critical heat flux김성중
2020-02Effects of hydride precipitation on the mechanical property of cold worked zirconium alloys in fully recrystallized condition김용수
2020-02In-Core Power Measurement Using SiC Semiconductor Detector손재범
2020-02Nano/microscale roughness control of accident-tolerant Cr- and CrAl-coated surfaces to enhance critical heat flux손홍현
2020-02In-Core Power Measurement Using SiC Semiconductor Detector김용균
2020-01In-Core Power Measurement Using SiC Semiconductor Detector박준식
2020-01Terminal solid solubility of hydrogen of optimized-Zirlo and its effects on hydride reorientation mechanisms under dry storage conditions김용수
2020-01Application of the new ICRP iodine biokinetic model for internal dosimetry in case of thyroid blocking정윤선
2019-12Oxidation effect on pool boiling critical heat flux enhancement of Cr-coated surface for accident-tolerant fuel cladding application김성중
2019-12PARaDIM: A PHITS-Based Monte Carlo Tool for Internal Dosimetry with Tetrahedral Mesh Computational Phantoms김찬형
2019-12Magnetic resonance image-based tomotherapy planning for prostate cancer정윤선
2019-12Identification of Hydrogen Flammability in steam generator compartment of OPR1000 using MELCOR and CFX codes김성중
2019-11Performance criterion of an indirect dry air‐cooled condenser for small modular reactor based on pressure transition temperature김성중
2019-11Dose coefficients of percentile-specific computational phantoms for photon external exposures김찬형
2019-11Effect of Solution Annealing on Alpha Prime Martensitic Microstructure of Cold Rolled AISI316L Stainless Steel김용수
2019-11대면적 콤프턴 카메라 기반의 콤프턴 카메라 단층 촬영(C3T)의 실험적 가능성 평가 연구김찬형