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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-07Molecular-Scale Interfacial Model for Predicting Electrode Performance in Rechargeable Batteries선양국
2019-06Trimethylsilyl azide (C3H9N3Si): a highly efficient additive for tailoring fluoroethylene carbonate(FEC) based electrolytes for Li-metal batteries선양국
2019-06Degradation Mechanism of Ni-Enriched NCA Cathode for Lithium Batteries: Are Microcracks Really Critical?선양국
2019-06Mutual influence of mixed-gas permeation in thermally rearranged poly (benzoxazole-co-imide) polymer membranes이영무
2019-07RuO2-coated MoS2 Nanosheets as Cathode Catalysts for High Efficiency Li-O-2 Batteries이윤정
2019-07Sub-5 nm graphene oxide nanofilm with exceptionally high H+/V selectivity for vanadium redox flow battery박호범
2019-06Sheet-type Li6PS5Cl-infiltrated Si anodes fabricated by solution process for all-solid-state lithium-ion batteries정윤석
2019-05A zero fading sodium ion battery: High compatibility microspherical patronite in ether-based electrolyte선양국
2019-05Verification for trihalide ions as redox mediators in Li-O-2 batteries선양국
2019-05Polyimides containing aliphatic/alicyclic segments in the main chains이영무
2019-05High-Capacity Layered Cathodes for Next-Generation Electric Vehicles선양국
2019-11Redox active nitrogen-containing conjugated porous polymer: An organic heterogeneous electrocatalysts for oxygen reduction reaction송태섭
2019-05High-performance Ti-doped O3-type Na[Ti-x(Ni0.6Co0.2Mn0.2)(1-x)]O-2 cathodes for practical sodium-ion batteries선양국
2019-04A New P2‐Type Layered Oxide Cathode with Extremely High Energy Density for Sodium‐Ion Batteries선양국
2019-04Microstructure‐Controlled Ni‐Rich Cathode Material by Microscale Compositional Partition for Next‐Generation Electric Vehicles선양국
2019-07K0.54[Co0.5Mn0.5]O2: New cathode with high power capability for potassium-ion batteries선양국
2019-04In situ formation of zeolitic-imidazolate framework thin films and composites using modified polymer substrates이영무
2019-03Compositionally and structurally redesigned high-energy Ni-rich layered cathode for next-generation lithium batteries선양국
2019-03Densification-induced hollow fiber membranes using crosslinked thermally rearranged (XTR) polymer for CO2 capture이영무
2019-03A novel green solvent alternative for polymeric membrane preparation via nonsolvent-induced phase separation (NIPS)이영무