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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-08Porous Ion Exchange Polymer Matrix for Ultrasmall Au Nanoparticle-Decorated Carbon Nanotube Chemiresistors최선진
2019-08Suppressing detrimental phase transitions via tungsten doping of LiNiO2 cathode for next-generation lithium-ion batteries윤종승
2019-10Layered deposition of SnS2 grown by atomic layer deposition and its transport properties전형탁
2019-07An overview on how Pd on resistive-based nanomaterial gas sensors can enhance response toward hydrogen gas김현우
2019-07Fast Semiconductor-Metal Bidirectional Transition by Flame Chemical Vapor Deposition김현우
2019-05Tribological and Microstructural Properties of Carbon Steel Coatings Fabricated by Wire Arc Spray이창희
2019-07Roles of (Fe, Mn)(3)Al Precipitates and MBIP on the Hot Ductility Behavior of Fe-30Mn-9Al-0.9C Lightweight Steels이창희
2019-06Molecular group system as one energy unit김현우
2019-06Volume and size effects of intermetallic compounds on the high-temperature oxidation behavior of Mo-Si-B alloys김영도
2019-06Highly dispersible carbon composited Fe3O4 nanoparticles in an aqueous solvent via normal pressure liquid reaction최성철
2019-07Electrical Stability Analysis of Dynamic Logic Using Amorphous Indium-Gallium-Zinc-Oxide TFTs박진성
2019-07Study of in Situ Silver Migration in Amorphous Boron Nitride CBRAM Device최창환
2019-07Customizing a Li–metal battery that survives practical operating conditions for electric vehicle applications윤종승
2019-06Selective H2S-sensing performance of Si nanowires through the formation of ZnO shells with Au functionalization김현우
2019-08Tailored nanoplateau and nanochannel structures using solution-processed rutile TiO2 thin films for complementary and bipolar switching characteristics최창환
2019-07Electrical Double Layer of Supported Atomically Thin Materials박원일
2019-10The impact of plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposited ZrSiOx insulators on low voltage operated In-Sn-Zn-O thin film transistors박진성
2019-06Influence of alloying elements in low transformation temperature filler alloys on microstructure and mechanical properties이창희
2019-07Negative threshold voltage shift in an a-IGZO thin film transistor under X-ray irradiation최덕균
2019-11Plasma enhanced atomic layer deposited silicon dioxide with divalent Si precursor [N,N '-tert-butyl-1,1-dimethylethylenediamine silylene]박진성