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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-12Partially Oxidized MXene Ti3C2Tx Sheets for Memristor having Synapse and Threshold Resistive Switching Characteristics안드레
2020-12A Novel Structure and Operation Scheme of Vertical Channel NAND Flash with Ferroelectric Memory for Multi String Operations최창환
2020-12Partially Oxidized MXene Ti3C2Tx Sheets for Memristor having Synapse and Threshold Resistive Switching Characteristics최창환
2020-12New approach to SnO2-based transparent conducting oxides incorporating synergistic effects of Au nano particles and microwave irradiation전형탁
2020-12Study on hydrogen absorption and surface properties of TiZrVNbCr high entropy alloy김영도
2020-12Pd-decorated Si nano-horns as sensitive and selective hydrogen gas sensors김현우
2020-12High-Energy W-Doped Li[Ni0.95Co0.04Al0.01]O-2 Cathodes for Next-Generation Electric Vehicles윤종승
2020-12Additive manufacturing of titanium-base alloys with equiaxed microstructures using powder blends한정호
2020-12Tuning the Electronic Band Structure and Optoelectrical Characteristics of ALD-grown Zn(O,S) Buffer Layers for SnS Solar Cells전형탁
2020-11Filamentary and interface switching of CMOS-compatible Ta2O5 memristor for non-volatile memory and synaptic devices최창환
2020-11Atomic layer deposition of titanium dioxide films using a metal organic precursor (C12H23N3Ti) and H2O (DI water)전형탁
2020-11Enhancement of the quantum capacitances of group-14 elemental two-dimensional materials by Ti-doping: A first principles study정용재
2020-11Molecular Interaction Regulates the Performance and Longevity of Defect Passivation for Metal Halide Perovskite Solar Cells한태희
2020-11Controllable analog resistive switching and synaptic characteristics in ZrO2/ZTO bilayer memristive device for neuromorphic systems최창환
2020-11Remote plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition of titanium nitride film using metal organic precursor (C12H23N3Ti) and N2 plasma전형탁
2020-11Solid-phase hetero epitaxial growth of α-phase formamidinium perovskite한태희
2020-11Study on the Variation of Surface Morphology and Residual Stress Under Various Thermal Annealing Conditions with Bulk GaN Substrates Grown by HVPE박원일
2020-11Heuristic solution for achieving long-term cycle stability for Ni-rich layered cathodes at full depth of discharge윤종승
2020-11Interpenetrating Polymer Semiconductor Nanonetwork Channel for Ultrasensitive, Selective, and Fast Recovered Chemodetection최선진
2020-10Towards engineering in memristors for emerging memory and neuromorphic computing: A review안드레