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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-07Characteristics of various instability in Ni-FALC poly-Si thin film transistors최덕균
2011-07Characterization of Fe-doped In-Sb-Te (Fe: 10 at.%) material with individual electrical-phase-change and magnetic properties최덕균
2017-01Conoscopy as a Failure Analysis Method for Single Crystals최덕균
2015-09Coplanar homojunction a-InGaZnO thin film transistor fabricated using ultraviolet irradiation최덕균
2014-01Current hysteresis by oxygen vacancy exchange between oxides in Ptia-IGZO/TaOx/W최덕균
2013-06Design of control oxide thickness for multi-level storage in a stepped NFGM MOSCAP최덕균
2016-11Development of an Accelerated Life Test Method Using the Conversion of Thermal Shock Stress to Mechanical Stress최덕균
2014-11Dual active layer a-IGZO TFT via homogeneous conductive layer formation by photochemical H-doping최덕균
2014-11Effect of Ag Nanowire Addition Into Nanoparticle Paste on the Conductivity of Ag Patterns Printed by Gravure Offset Method최덕균
2015-02Effect of an Al2O3/TiO2 Passivation Layer on the Performance of Amorphous Zinc-Tin Oxide Thin-Film Transistors최덕균
2015-03The effect of annealing in forming gas on the a-IGZO thin film transistor performance and valence band cut-off of IGZO on SiNx최덕균
2011-05Effect of Be codoping on the photoluminescence spectra of GaMnAs최덕균
2012-07Effect of enhanced-mobility current path on the mobility of AOS TFT최덕균
2019-10The Effect of Hydrogen on the Device Stability of Amorphous InGaZnO Thin-Film Transistors under Positive Bias with Various Temperature Stresses최덕균
2016-11Effect of moisture on the degradation of a SrAl˂inf˃2˂/inf˃O˂inf˃4˂/inf˃:Eu˂sup˃2+˂/sup˃ materials in a Cd-free optical sensor최덕균
2018-05The effect of surface treatment using ceramic powder on adhesion properties in high reliability pressure sensor최덕균
2011-01Fabrication of an a-IGZO Thin Film Transistor Using Selective Deposition of Cobalt by the Self-Assembly Monolayer (SAM) Process최덕균
2011-06Facile Synthesis of Highly Conductive RuO2-Mn3O4 Composite Nanofibers via Electrospinning and Their Electrochemical Properties최덕균
2015-10Failure Analysis of a Nickel-Plated Electronic Connector Due to Salt-Induced Corrosion (ENGE 2014)최덕균
2012-07Gate Insulator Effects on the Electrical Performance of ZnO Thin Film Transistor on a Polyethersulphone Substrate최덕균
2018-08Highly Bendable and Durable Transparent Electromagnetic Interference Shielding Film Prepared by Wet Sintering of Silver Nanowires최덕균
2016-09Improvement of the positive bias stability of a-IGZO TFTs by the HCN treatment최덕균
2011-07Influence of the Performance of Organic Light Emitting Devices by Chemical Reaction at the Interface between Electron Transport Material and Ba Cathode최덕균
2013-10Life and failure mechanism prediction of eco-friendly P2O5-SnO2-B2O3 glass frits최덕균
2014-02Low Current Resistive Switching Behavior in Semiconductor/Ferroelectric Coupling최덕균
2015-07Molten-salt 방법에 의해 합성되는 판상형 알루미나 분말의 입성장 거동에 미치는 Salt의 영향최덕균
2013-04Multi-level storage in a nano-floating gate MOS capacitor using a stepped control oxide최덕균
2014-09Nano-sized indium-free MTO/Ag/MTO transparent conducting electrode prepared by RF sputtering at room temperature for organic photovoltaic cells최덕균
2016-05Negative bias illumination stress stability of dual-active layer amorphous indium-gallium-zinc-oxide thin-film transistor최덕균
2019-07Negative threshold voltage shift in an a-IGZO thin film transistor under X-ray irradiation최덕균