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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-021 GPa 급 고강도강 용접금속에서의 침상형 페라이트 핵생성 거동이창희
2011-02800 MPa급 고강도강 용접금속의 미세조직 특성 비교 연구이창희
2013-12Amorphization of ZrO2 + CeO2 Powders Through Mechanical Milling for the Use of Kinetic Spray이창희
2012-10Behavior of Cu precipitates during thermo-mechanical cycling in the weld CGHAZ of Cu-containing HSLA steel이창희
2020-07Bonding formation in vacuum kinetic-sprayed Y2O3 particles induced by high-velocity impact이창희
2014-06Bonding, Reactivity, and Mechanical Properties of the Kinetic-Sprayed Deposition of Al for a Thermally Activated Reactive Cu Liner이창희
2013-01Characteristics of inclusions in rutile-type FCAW weld metal이창희
2018-07Characteristics of kinetic sprayed Ta in terms of the deposition behavior, microstructural evolution and mechanical properties: Effect of strain-rate-dependent response of Ta at high temperature이창희
2016-08Characterization of bond line discontinuities in a high-Mn TWIP steel pipe welded by HF-ERW이창희
2015-08Characterization of Inclusions Formed in Ti-containing Steel Weld Metals이창희
2019-03Characterization of Mechanical and Metallurgical Notch Effects of DP980 Steel Weld Joints in Fatigue Performance이창희
2012-12Cold cracking susceptibility of boron added high-strength bainitic steels이창희
2019-04A comparison of cross-tension properties and fracture behavior between similar and dissimilar resistance spot-weldments in medium-Mn TRIP steel이창희
2019-12Computational Research on Factors Affecting Particle Velocity in a Vacuum Kinetic Spray Process이창희
2019-03Consideration of the criteria for successful deposition in cermet kinetic spraying using WC-17Co powder이창희
2018-01Correlation Between Microstructure and Low-Temperature Impact Toughness of Simulated Reheated Zones in the Multi-pass Weld Metal of High-Strength Steel이창희
2014-07Correlation between microstructure and mechanical properties of heat affected zones in Fe-8Mn-0.06C steel welds이창희
2017-02Correlation of Fracture Mode Transition of Ceramic Particle with Critical Velocity for Successful Deposition in Vacuum Kinetic Spraying Process이창희
2016-12Correlation of microstructure with tribological properties in atmospheric plasma sprayed Mo-added ferrous coating이창희
2012-05Correlation of particle impact conditions with bonding, nanocrystal formation and mechanical properties in kinetic sprayed nickel이창희
2020-03Correlation of Plasma Erosion Resistance and the Microstructure of YF3 Coatings Prepared by Vacuum Kinetic Spray이창희
2013-01Corrosion fatigue behaviors of HSB800 and its HAZs in air and seawater environments이창희
2011-06Dependence of Bonding Mechanisms of Cold Sprayed Coatings on Strain-Rate-Induced Non-Equilibrium Phase Transformation이창희
2013-07Deposition Behavior and Microstructural Features of Vacuum Kinetic Sprayed Aluminum Nitride이창희
2012-05Deposition Behaviors and Microstructural Features of Vacuum Kinetic Sprayed AlN이창희
2015-02Deposition of Workability-Enhancing Disposable Thick Fe Deposits on Fe-Si Alloy Sheets Using Thermal and Kinetic Spray Processes이창희
2013-11Different aspect of pitting corrosion and interphase corrosion in the weld heat-affected zone of high-nitrogen Fe-18Cr-10Mn-N steel이창희
2015-11Dynamic fragmentation process and fragment microstructure evolution of alumina particles in a vacuum kinetic spraying system이창희
2012-12Effect of Complex Inclusion Particles on the Solidification Structure of Fe-Ni-Mn-Mo Alloy이창희
2017-01Effect of Dilution on Wear Performance of Plasma Transferred Arc Deposited Layers이창희