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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-05Biomaterials as therapeutic drug carriers for inflammatory bowel disease treatment박희호
2021-10Biomimetic cell membrane-coated DNA nanoparticles for gene delivery to glioblastoma이민형
2012-06Biomimetic Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering신흥수
2022-09Biomineralization of bone tissue: calcium phosphate-based inorganics in collagen fibrillar organic matrices신흥수
2022-07Bioreducible polymer-mediated delivery of oncolytic adenovirus can attenuate antiviral immune response and concurrently enhance the induction of antitumor immune response to effectively prevent metastasis윤채옥
2011-06Blockade of the Wnt/beta-Catenin Pathway Attenuates Bleomycin-Induced Pulmonary Fibrosis이상경
2012-01The box a domain of high mobility group box-1 protein as an efficient siRNA carrier with anti-inflammatory effects이동윤
2012-01The box a domain of high mobility group box-1 protein as an efficient siRNA carrier with anti-inflammatory effects이민형
2021-01Brain gene delivery using histidine and arginine-modified dendrimers for ischemic stroke therapy이민형
2018-03Carbon Dioxide-Generating PLG Nanoparticles for Controlled Anti-Cancer Drug Delivery이근용
2015-12Cardiac Usage of Reducible Poly(oligo-D-arginine) As a Gene Carrier for Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Expression이민형
2018-05CARF enrichment promotes epithelial-mesenchymal transition via Wnt/beta-catenin signaling: its clinical relevance and potential as a therapeutic target윤채옥
2014-11Cartilage regeneration using biodegradable oxidized alginate/hyaluronate hydrogels이근용
2015-04Cationic cell-penetrating peptides as vehicles for siRNA delivery이상경
2020-02CD64-targeted HO-1 RNA interference enhances chemosensitivity in orthotopic model of acute myeloid leukemia and patient-derived bone marrow cells김용희
2018-03Cell surface-camouflaged graphene oxide immunosensor for identifying immune reactions이동윤
2018-07Cell-penetrating artificial mitochondria-targeting peptide-conjugated metallothionein 1A alleviates mitochondrial damage in Parkinson's disease models김용희
2021-05Cerium Oxide Nanoparticle-Containing Colorimetric Contact Lenses for Noninvasively Monitoring Human Tear Glucose이동윤
2012-03Characterization of hydrophobic anti-cancer drug-loaded amphiphilic peptides as a gene carrier이민형