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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-02Arginine-engrafted biodegradable polymer for the systemic delivery of therapeutic siRNA이근용
2012-02Arginine-engrafted biodegradable polymer for the systemic delivery of therapeutic siRNA이상경
2016-06Armed Oncolytic Adenoviruses and Polymer-shielded Nanocomplex for Systemic Delivery윤아름
2017-05Artificial Chemical Reporter Targeting Strategy Using Bioorthogonal Click Reaction for Improving Active-Targeting Efficiency of Tumor이근용
2014-05Assessment of Angiogenesis of Hepatocellular Carcinoma using Dynamic Contrast Enhanced MR and Histopathologic Correlation in an Experimental Rat Model윤채옥
2015-01Attachment of Cell-Binding Ligands to Arginine-Rich Cell-Penetrating Peptides Enables Cytosolic Translocation of Complexed siRNA이상경
2011-07Attenuation of the in vivo toxicity of biomaterials by polydopamine surface modification이동윤
2011-11Augmentation of rat skin flap viability by relaxin-expressing adenovirus윤채옥
2018-03BAFF-neutralizing interaction of belimumab related to its therapeutic efficacy for treating systemic lupus erythematosus류성언
2015-09BetaCavityWeb: a webserver for molecular voids and channels류성언
2016-06BetaSCPWeb: side-chain prediction for protein structures using Voronoi diagrams and geometry prioritization류성언
2014-01BetaVoid: Molecular voids via beta-complexes and Voronoi diagrams류성언
2013-07Bio-inspired catechol conjugation converts water-insoluble chitosan into a highly water-soluble, adhesive chitosan derivative for hydrogels and LbL assembly이동윤
2013-04Bio-inspired Immobilization of Cell-Adhesive Ligands on Electrospun Nanofibrous Patches for Cell Delivery신흥수
2011-12Bio-inspired strategy for on-surface synthesis of silver nanoparticles for metal/organic hybrid nanomaterials and LDI-MS substrates이동윤
2020-12Bioactive Membrane Immobilized with Lactoferrin for Modulation of Bone Regeneration and Inflammation신흥수
2016-03Biodegradable Inorganic Nanovector: Passive versus Active Tumor Targeting in siRNA Transportation윤채옥
2020-07Bioinformatics and Molecular Insights to Anti-Metastasis Activity of Triethylene Glycol Derivatives윤채옥
2020-12Bioinspired DNase-I-coated melanin-like nanospheres for modulation of infection-associated NETosis dysregulation박희호
2016-09Bioinspired tuning of glycol chitosan for 3D cell culture이근용