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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-12자동차 구동축 소음 저감을 위한 신뢰성 개선프로세스의 개발배석주
2020-11Analyses on Volatility Clustering in Financial Time-Series Using Clustering Indices, Asymmetry, and Visibility Graph송재욱
2020-11Distribution-guided heuristic search for nonlinear parameter estimation with an application in semiconductor manufacturing박철진
2020-11Time-based replacement policies for a fault tolerant system subject to degradation and two types of shocks배석주
2020-10Battery state of health modeling and remaining useful life prediction through time series model배석주
2020-10A Step-Down Test Procedure for Wavelet Shrinkage Using Bootstrapping배석주
2020-10Transitional SAX Representation for Knowledge Discovery for Time Series이기천
2020-10Selection of Support Vector Candidates Using Relative Support Distance for Sustainability in Large-Scale Support Vector Machines이기천
2020-09Link prediction in the Granger causality network of the global currency market송재욱
2020-09A drop-impact reliability assessment of mobile display modules using a statistical modeling approach배석주
2020-09Condition monitoring scheme via one-class support vector machine and multivariate control charts배석주
2020-08Fractal structure in the S&P500: A correlation-based threshold network approach송재욱
2020-06Operations scheduling for an advanced flexible manufacturing system with multi-fixturing pallets이동호
2020-06Statistical Models of Overdispersed Spatial Defects for Predicting the Yield of Integrated Circuits배석주
2020-06Predicting the Direction of US Stock Prices Using Effective Transfer Entropy and Machine Learning Techniques송재욱
2020-06A multi-stage imperfect maintenance strategy for multi-state systems with variable user demands배석주
2020-02Batching and scheduling for a single-machine flexible machining cell with multi-fixturing pallets and controllable processing times이동호
2020-02Detecting Possible Reduction of the Housing Bubble in Korea for Different Residential Types and Regions송재욱
2017-06A Study on System Dialog Message Design by Age Considering Interruption in Task-Switching박민용
2019-12과표본추출 기반의 블록체인 이상탐지 방법에 관한 연구배석주