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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-09한국 주식시장에서의 군집화 기반 페어트레이딩 포트폴리오 투자 연구조풍진
2021-01A reactive decentralized coordination algorithm for event-driven production planning and control: A cyber-physical production system prototype case study정인재
2021-07Stochastic programming approach for static origin-destination matrix reconstruction problem정인재
2020-12A Heuristic for Service-Parts Lot-Sizing with Disassembly Option이동호
2021-03Fast and meta heuristics for part selection in flexible manufacturing systems with controllable processing times이동호
2021-03Finding Effective Item Assignment Plans with Weighted Item Associations Using A Hybrid Genetic Algorithm이기천
2021-10Production resource planning for product transition considering learning effects이기천
2022-03DNN compression by ADMM-based joint pruning이기천
2022-08Informative Language Encoding by Variational Autoencoders Using Transformer이기천
2021-03Equity Research Report-Driven Investment Strategy in Korea Using Binary Classification on Stock Price Direction송재욱
2022-04Unsupervised Change Point Detection and Trend Prediction for Financial Time-Series Using a New CUSUM-Based Approach송재욱
2022-04Stock market network based on bi-dimensional histogram and autoencoder송재욱
2022-09한국 주식시장에서의 군집화 기반 페어트레이딩 포트폴리오 투자 연구송재욱
2021-02Review on Quality Control Methods in Metal Additive Manufacturing배석주
2021-03Reliability Analysis of Accelerated Destructive Degradation Testing Data for Bi-Functional DC Motor Systems배석주
2021-05Mixed-Effects Nonhomogeneous Poisson Process Model for Multiple Repairable Systems배석주
2021-06Superposed Poisson process models with a modified bathtub intensity function for repairable systems배석주
2021-12Two-level differential burn-in policy for spatially heterogeneous defect units in semiconductor manufacturing배석주
2021-12fastICA 기반 발전기 고장 진단 및 예측배석주
2022-05Life prediction of membrane electrode assembly through load and potential cycling accelerated degradation testing in polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells배석주