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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-04Multi-objective optimisation of hydro-pneumatic suspension with gas-oil emulsion for heavy-duty vehicles민승재
2019-06Robust design optimisation of adaptive cruise controller considering uncertainties of vehicle parameters and occupants이태희
2020-03Tolerance-Insensitive Design of the Magnet Shape for a Surface Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor임명섭
2020-03Multiobjective Optimization of the Benchmark TEAM Problem Using Gradient-Based Approach and Adaptive Weight Determination민승재
2020-03Lightweight design of electric bus roof structure using multi-material topology optimisation민승재
2020-03Uncertainty identification method using kriging surrogate model and Akaike information criterion for industrial electromagnetic device이태희
2020-03Simultaneous Measurements of Light Hydrocarbons Using Supercontinuum Laser Absorption Spectroscopy유지형
2020-03탭 변환 단권변압기 기반 LVRT/HVRT 시험장비의임피던스 설계윤영두
2020-02Effect of flame interaction on swirl-stabilized mesoscale burner array performance유지형
2020-02Efficient multi-objective optimization of gear ratios and motor torque distribution for electric vehicles with two-motor and two-speed powertrain system민승재
2020-02Adaptive Cruise Controller Design Without Transitional Strategy허건수
2020-01Optimum Design of Sensorless-Oriented IPMSM Considering Torque Characteristics임명섭
2020-01Sensitivity Analysis for Multi-Objective Optimization of the Benchmark TEAM Problem민승재
2020-01Microscopic Traffic Simulation Calibration Level for Reliable Estimation of Vehicle Emissions박장현
2020-01모델 통합 기반 상대 차량 주행 경로 예측 알고리즘허건수
2020-02Flux Weakening Control Technique without Look-Up Tables for SynRMs Based on Flux Saturation Models윤영두
2019-12Characteristics of Electric Motor according to the Weld-laminated Core and the Bond-laminated Core임명섭
2019-12Design of Surface-mounted Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor using Electromagnetic and Thermal Analysis임명섭
2019-12DBC-Packaged Inverter Power Module for Integrated Motor-Inverter Design Used in 48 V Mild Hybrid Starter-Generator (MHSG) System윤상원
2019-12Active Roll Control System Design With Considering Actuator Constraints for Passenger Car허건수