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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-12Driving Style-Based Conditional Variational Autoencoder for Prediction of Ego Vehicle Trajectory허건수
2021-03Anomaly Monitoring Framework in Lane Detection With a Generative Adversarial Network허건수
2021-06Driving and steering collision avoidance system of autonomous vehicle with model predictive control based on non-convex optimization허건수
2021-06Hybrid Approach for Vehicle Trajectory Prediction Using Weighted Integration of Multiple Models허건수
2021-09DSA-GAN: Driving Style Attention Generative Adversarial Network for Vehicle Trajectory Prediction허건수
2021-11An integrated deep ensemble-unscented Kalman filter for sideslip angle estimation with sensor filtering network허건수
2022-01Development of Vehicle Roll Rate Estimator Using Transfer Function Estimation허건수
2022-02A Hierarchical Motion Planning Framework for Autonomous Driving in Structured Highway Environments허건수
2022-06Development of a Narrow Passage Driving System for Semi-trailer Truck by Using MPC허건수
2022-08Centralized Multi-Sensor Poisson Multi-Bernoulli Mixture Tracker for Autonomous Driving허건수
2021-04Design Process and Verification of SPMSM for a Wearable Robot Considering Thermal Characteristics Through LPTN임명섭
2021-05Diagnosis and Robust Design Optimization of SPMSM Considering Back EMF and Cogging Torque due to Static Eccentricity임명섭
2021-05근거리용 전기 자동차의 전비 향상을 위한 전기자 권선 절환 방법에 대한 연구임명섭
2021-05Coupled Electromagnetic-Thermal Analysis for Predicting Traction Motor Characteristics according to Electric Vehicle Driving Cycle임명섭
2021-06Effect of Pole and Slot Combination on the AC Joule Loss of Outer-Rotor Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors Using a High Fill Factor Machined Coil임명섭
2021-06High Efficiency PMSM With High Slot Fill Factor Coil for Heavy-Duty EV Traction Considering AC Resistance임명섭
2021-06Analysis of Effect of the Magnetization Distribution of Multi-Pole PM on SPMSM Performance Using Equivalent Magnetic Circuit Considering Dead Zone임명섭
2021-06주행사이클과 재질 특성을 고려한 구동모터의 사이즈에 따른 경량 전기차의 전비 분석임명섭
2021-06Model Predictive Control for Torque Ripple Suppression Caused by Misalignment of the Gearbox임명섭
2021-06영구자석 비선형 자기특성을 고려한 회전자 타입에 따른 모터 특성 분석임명섭