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2017-03Simplified Decoupler-Based Multivariable Controller with a Gain Scheduling Strategy for the Exhaust Gas Recirculation and Variable Geometry Turbocharger Systems in Diesel Engines선우명호
2018-07Set-Point Adaptation Strategy of Air Systems of Light-Duty Diesel Engines for NOx Emission Reduction Under Acceleration Conditions선우명호
2012-08Real-Time Combustion Phase Detection Using Central Normalized Difference Pressure in CRDI Diesel Engines선우명호
2013-03Mass air flow control of common-rail diesel engines using an artificial neural network선우명호
2014-05Fault Diagnosis of Exhaust Gas Recirculation and Variable Geometry Turbocharger Systems in a Passenger Car Diesel Engine Based on a Sliding Mode Observer for Air System States Estimation선우명호
2012-03An exhaust gas recirculation control strategy for passenger car diesel engines using an inverse valve model선우명호
2013-01VGT and EGR Control of Common-Rail Diesel Engines Using an Artificial Neural Network선우명호
2015-08Robust Indicated Mean Effective Pressure and Combustion Lambda Feedback Control for Lean NOx Trap Regeneration in a 2.2 L Common Rail Direct Injection Diesel Engine선우명호
2015-08An Alternative Method to MFB50 for Combustion Phase Detection and Control in Common Rail Diesel Engines선우명호
2016-08Cylinder Pressure Information-Based Postinjection Timing Control for Aftertreatment System Regeneration in a Diesel Engine - Part I: Derivation of Control Parameter선우명호