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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-113D Map Generation Algorithm for Energy Management System on Electric Vehicles선우명호
2015-08Air System Modeling of Ligh-duty Diesel Engines with Dual-loop EGR and VGT Systems선우명호
2015-08An Alternative Method to MFB50 for Combustion Phase Detection and Control in Common Rail Diesel Engines선우명호
2013-10Alternator Torque Model Based on Equivalent Circuit of Synchronous Generator for Electric Power Management선우명호
2015-10Analysis of parallel processing effects through a co-processor in diesel engine management system선우명호
2012-11AUTOSAR 대응 경량화 소프트웨어 아키텍처를 이용한 어플리케이션 소프트웨어 모델링 및 통합 방법선우명호
2013-06Behavior and Path Planning Algorithm of Autonomous Vehicle A1 in Structured Environments선우명호
2018-08Collision risk assessment of occluded vehicle based on the motion predictions using the precise road map선우명호
2016-10A collision risk assessment system based on rail detection for the enhancement of tram driving safety선우명호
2012-10Common Rail Pressure Controller for Diesel Engines using an Empirical Model선우명호
2017-09Construction process of a three-dimensional roadway geometry map for autonomous driving선우명호
2016-02Control of the air system of a diesel engine using the intake oxygen concentration and the manifold absolute pressure with nitrogen oxide feedback선우명호
2015-06Coordinated control strategy for the common-rail pressure using a metering unit and a pressure control valve in diesel engines선우명호
2015-06Curvilinear-Coordinate-Based Object and Situation Assessment for Highly Automated Vehicles선우명호
2011-04Cylinder Air Charge Estimation for a Diesel Engine Equipped with VGT, EGR, and SCV선우명호
2011-03Cylinder Deactivation 엔진의 동작모드 전환 시 과도상태 공연비 제어선우명호
2016-08Cylinder Pressure Information-Based Postinjection Timing Control for Aftertreatment System Regeneration in a Diesel Engine - Part I: Derivation of Control Parameter선우명호
2016-08Cylinder Pressure Information-Based Postinjection Timing Control for Aftertreatment System Regeneration in a Diesel Engine - Part II: Active Diesel Particulate Filter Regeneration선우명호
2011-09DC 모터방식 EGR 밸브를 적용한 승용디젤엔진의 앞먹임 공기량 제어에 관한 연구선우명호
2012-06Design and Implementation of FlexRay Network for an Autonomous Vehicle선우명호
2017-02Design factor optimization of 3D flash lidar sensor based on geometrical model for automated vehicle and advanced driver assistance system applications선우명호
2011-08+Design framework for FlexRay network parameter optimization선우명호
2012-06Design of an Alternator Torque Model with an Equivalent Circuit of the Synchronous Generator선우명호
2012-11Development of a Start of Combustion Estimation Algorithm using Modified Heat Release Equation for Diesel Engines선우명호
2014-12Development of Autonomous Car-Part I: Distributed System Architecture and Development Process선우명호
2015-08Development of Autonomous Car-Part II: A Case Study on the Implementation of an Autonomous Driving System Based on Distributed Architecture선우명호
2011-11Develpment of an integration method of model-based software with a standard software architecture선우명호
2012-04Distributed System Architecture of Autonomous Vehicles and Real-Time Path Planning based on the Curvilinear Coordinate System선우명호
2011-10Distributed Vehicle State Estimation System Using Information Fusion of GPS and In-vehicle Sensors for Vehicle Localization선우명호
2013-04EGR Rate Estimation for Cylinder Air Charge in a Turbo charged Diesel Engine using an Adaptive Observer선우명호