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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-12SAR Image Despeckling Using Continuous Attention Module이상환
2022-01모노 카메라를 사용하는 머신 비전 시스템에서 비정형 결함을 검사하는 CNN을 훈련하기 위한 데이터 증식 방법이상환
2022-09Numerical simulations of nano-particle's drag forces using DSMC method for various Knudsen numbers이상환
2021-05Investigation of bone fracture diagnosis system using transverse vibration response윤길호
2021-06A New Development of a Shadow Density Filter for Manufacturing Constraint and Its Applications to Multiphysics Topology Optimization윤길호
2021-06Modeling and application of anisotropic hyperelasticity of PDMS polymers with surface patterns obtained by additive manufacturing technology윤길호
2021-06Development and optimization of a resonance-based mechanical dynamic absorber structure for multiple frequencies윤길호
2021-07Active acoustic absorption device using additive manufacturing technique for normal incident wave윤길호
2021-08A Study of Longitudinal Waveguide with Band Gap Using Cylindrical and Conical Shape Periodic Structure윤길호
2021-10On the design of multimaterial structural topologies using Integer Programming윤길호
2021-11Structural topology optimization of layout and raster angle for additive manufacturing technology with the shadow density filter윤길호
2021-11Investigation on numerical analysis and mechanics experiments for topology optimization of functionally graded lattice structure윤길호
2021-12A simple density filter for the topology optimization of coated structures윤길호
2021-12Experimental study of the effect of the boundary conditions of fractured bone윤길호
2021-12복합소재의 연속 두께 변화를 통한 좌굴온도 및 모드형상 최적화윤길호
2022-01Planar ultrasonic transducer based on a metasurface piezoelectric ring array for subwavelength acoustic focusing in water윤길호
2022-02Topography and size optimization of composite structure to control buckling temperature and thermal buckling mode shape윤길호
2022-02Acoustic topology optimization using moving morphable components in neural network-based design윤길호
2022-02Model order reduction for Campbell diagram analysis of shaft-disc-blade system in 3D finite elements윤길호
2022-03Effect of Dynamic Loading Conditions on Maximizing Energy Dissipation of Metallic Dampers윤길호