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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-09Effect of hydraulic flow rate, injection timing, and exhaust gas recirculation on particulate and gaseous emissions in a light-duty diesel engine박성욱
2019-12Flexible submental sensor patch with remote monitoring controls for management of oropharyngeal swallowing disorders김민구
2019-12Evaluation and characterization of offshore wind resources with long-term met mast data corrected by wind lidar오기용
2020-04Multiphysics simulation of paper curl due to moisture transport윤길호
2020-03Dual-surface lens with ring-shaped structures for optical tuning of GaN ultraviolet photodetectors at low temperature소홍윤
2020-03Microscale electrodeionization: In situ concentration profiling and flow visualization곽노균
2020-03Heater-assisted intense pulsed light irradiation for lanthanum strontium cobaltite thin film electrode fabrication김영범
2020-03Characteristics of dust-collection efficiency and ozone emission by highvoltage electrode shape of electrostatic precipitator for subway tunnel environment육세진
2020-03Quantification of VIV-driven energy transfer for a circular cylinder with a pair of bumps at Reynolds number 150송시몬
2020-03Effects of Nozzle L/D on Near-Field Development and Macroscopic Spray Characteristics of Common-Rail Diesel Sprays박성욱
2020-03Applicability of nonlinear ultrasonic technique to evaluation of thermally aged CF8M cast stainless steel장경영
2020-03Ultrasonic nonlinearity parameter in uniaxial stress condition장경영
2020-03Review of Vibration-Based Structural Health Monitoring Using Deep Learning박준홍
2020-03낙하 충격에 의한 탄소-케블라 하이브리드 직물의 전압 강하 특성과 머신 러닝을 통한 충격체 형상 예측김태원
2020-03Ultrafast photo-annealed carbon-coated SiO2 sphere electrodes for NO2 gas sensing김영범
2020-03Hot-cracking resistivity of dissimilar clads using Inconel 52 and 308L stainless steel on carbon steel이승환
2020-03Adaptive Laboratory Evolution of Eubacterium limosum ATCC 8486 on Carbon Monoxide김동립
2020-03Functional cooperation of the glycine synthase-reductase and Wood-Ljungdahl pathways for autotrophic growth of Clostridium drakei김동립
2020-03Design and manufacture of automotive composite front bumper assemble component considering interfacial bond characteristics between over-molded chopped glass fiber polypropylene and continuous glass fiber polypropylene composite김학성
2020-03Comparison of Si3N4-SiO2 and SiO2 Insulation Layer for Zero-Bias CMUT Operation Using Dielectric Charging Effects박관규