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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-12Effects of body movement on yaw motion in bipedal running lizard by dynamic simulation서태원
2020-12혈류개선 기능을 겸비한 자동 음압 상처 치료기한석영
2020-12Performance Investigation of a Vertical Wave-plate Mist Eliminator with Perforated Plates육세진
2020-12Modeling of frost growth and fog generation at ultra-low temperatures김동립
2020-12Automated technique for high-pressure water-based window cleaning and accompanying parametric study서태원
2020-12블랙카본 측정기용 초소형 사이클론 집진기 개발육세진
2020-12Development of tuned particle impact damper for reduction of transient railway vibrations박준홍
2020-12A micromechanical unit cell model with an octagonal fiber for continuous fiber reinforced composites하성규
2020-12Medial-ABC: an algorithm for the correspondence between myocardium and coronary artery mesh models based on the medial axis of coronary artery김덕수
2020-12Explicit precision friction torque model of ball screws in high speed operations정성종
2020-12Analysis of the Influence of Surface Roughness on Measurement of Ultrasonic Nonlinearity Parameter Using Contact-Type Transducer장경영
2020-11The behavior of collagen-like molecules in response to different temperature setting methods in steered molecular dynamic simulation한석영
2020-11Control of droplet transfer using a filler-wire in tandem arc welding이승환
2020-11Parent–nested optimizing structure for vibration reduction of floating wind turbine structures오기용
2020-11A case for Tsai’s Modulus, an invariant-based approach to stiffness하성규
2020-11Determination of Impact Damage in CFRP via PVDF Signal Analysis with Support Vector Machine김태원
2020-11Optimizing the Surface Characteristics of La0.6Sr0.4CoO3-delta Perovskite Oxide by Rapid Flash Sintering Technology for Easy Fabrication and Fast Reaction Kinetics in Alkaline Medium김영범
2020-11A simple density filter for the topology optimization of coated structures윤길호
2020-11Thermal and flow characteristics of a cylindrical superheater with circular fins박성욱
2020-11Frost modeling under cryogenic conditions김동립