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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-06An Acoustic Hyperlens with Negative Direction Based on Double Split Hollow Sphere윤길호
2019-06Strain rate dependent mechanical behavior of glass fiber reinforced polypropylene composites and its effect on the performance of automotive bumper beam structure김학성
2019-06안내 깃이 장착된 시로코 팬 성능과 내부 유동 연구조진수
2019-06Aluminum / Steel 이종소재 접합의 모재강도 및 두께별 SPR 접합성에 관한 연구이세헌
2019-08Development of FRACAS-CT module with FRAPCON4.0P01 for simulation of mechanical behaviors for accident-tolerant fuel cladding in a reactor김학성
2019-05Polymer concrete periodic meta-structure to enhance damping for vibration reduction박준홍
2019-06Investigation of the perception characteristics of multiple impact sounds occurring from the manipulation of electronic devices박준홍
2019-03Oscillation Reduction and Frequency Analysis of Under-Constrained Cable-Driven Parallel Robot with Three Cables박종현
2019-06Rapid Fabrication of Chemical Solution-Deposited Lanthanum Nickelate Thin Films via Intense Pulsed-Light Process김영범
2019-06Interfacial transport characteristics between heterogeneous porous composite media for effective mass transfer in fuel cells엄석기
2019-07Sensor-Instrumented Scaffold Integrated with Microporous Spongelike Ultrabuoy for Long-Term 3D Mapping of Cellular Behaviors and Functions김동립
2019-06Dependence between the vibration characteristics of the proton exchange membrane fuel cell and the stack structural feature박준홍
2019-06건설기계용 Urea-SCR 시스템의 촉매전단에서 암모니아 균질도 해석 및 DeNOx 성능에 관한 연구박성욱
2019-10A new coating filter of coated structure for topology optimization윤길호
2019-04교차상관분석을 통한 위협요소와 상흔 관계 연구김태원
2019-04축-원판-블레이드 연성 계의 고유진동수 수렴특성 연구유홍희
2019-04기계학습을 이용한 CFRP 파손 예측기법 연구김태원
2019-04유리섬유강화 폴리카보네이트의 라체팅 거동 연구김태원
2019-03Unmanned high-rise façade cleaning robot implemented on a gondola: field test on 000-building in Korea서태원
2019-02병진 및 회전 운동을 하는 내향 외팔보의 모델링 및 진동해석유홍희