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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-03Comparison of Si3N4-SiO2 and SiO2 Insulation Layer for Zero-Bias CMUT Operation Using Dielectric Charging Effects박관규
2020-03Flexural Vibration Analysis of Nuclear Fuel Rod Bundles Interacting with Surrounding Fluid Subjected to Pressure Wave박준홍
2020-02A new lizard-inspired robot with S-shaped lateral body motions서태원
2020-02Efficient topology optimization of multicomponent structure using substructuring-based model order reduction method윤길호
2020-02Noise reduction of refrigerant two-phase flow using flow conditioners near the electric expansion valve송시몬
2020-02Measurement and modeling of crank train friction in light-duty diesel engines박성욱
2020-02Stress Estimation Using the Acoustoelastic Effect of Surface Waves in Weak Anisotropic Materials장경영
2020-02Nondestructive Evaluation of Thermal Aging in Al6061 Alloy by Measuring Acoustic Nonlinearity of Laser-Generated Surface Acoustic Waves장경영
2020-02Simple vibration model for the design of a vertical axis wind turbine유홍희
2020-02Ultrasonic fingerprint sensor in underglass prototype using impedance mismatching박관규
2020-02An investigation of kinematic parameters and stroke function on stroke reversal for three-dimensional vortex structures around a flapping insect wing이상환
2020-02CMT-Based Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing Using 316L Stainless Steel: Effect of Heat Accumulation on the Multi-Layer Deposits이승환
2020-02Nanoscale morphological investigation into surface coverage of platinum catalysts by ionomers on vertically aligned carbon nanotube fuel cell catalyst layers엄석기
2020-02Hydrothermal Synthesis of Cobalt Ruthenium Sulfides as Promising Pseudocapacitor Electrode Materials엄석기
2020-02Rattle noise source localization through the time reversal of dispersive vibration signals on a road vehicle박준홍
2020-01Facile microfabrication of 3-dimensional (3D) hydrophobic polymer surfaces using 3D printing technology소홍윤
2020-01Performance evaluation of a tangential cyclone separator with additional inlets on the cone section육세진
2020-01An Efficient Water Saving Step During the Production of Graphene Oxide via Chemical Exfoliation of Graphite하성규
2020-01Explicit modeling and investigation of friction torques in double-nut ball screws for the precision design of ball screw feed drives정성종
2020-01Combined effects of inlet shape and angle of incidence on flow uniformity in a subsonic diffusing S-shaped intake조진수