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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-04Objective and subjective assessment of sound diffuseness in musical venues via computer simulations and a scale model전진용
2020-04Prediction of Binding Stability of Pu(IV) and PuO2(VI) by Nitrogen Tridentate Ligands in Aqueous Solution배성철
2020-04Shear Capacity Contribution of Steel Fiber Reinforced High-Strength Concrete Compared with and without Stirrup류두열
2020-04Application of micro-CT to Mori-Tanaka method for non-randomly oriented pores in air-entrained cement pastes배성철
2020-04노후 공동주택 철근콘크리트 전단벽 휨 보강상세 및 보강효과최창식
2020-04매크로 합성 섬유가 혼입된 콘크리트의 역학적 특성에 관한 실험적 연구최창식
2019-04Effects of BIM-Based Construction of Prefabricated Steel Framework from the Perspective of SMEs김재준
2020-04Residual performance of HPFRCC exposed to fire – Effects of matrix strength, synthetic fiber, and fire duration류두열
2020-04단부 파쇄형 휨 보강에 따른 철근콘크리트 전단벽 휨 성능 평가최창식
2020-03Energy benefits of organic Rankine cycle in a liquid desiccant and evaporative cooling-assisted air conditioning system정재원
2020-03Fourth industrialization-oriented offsite construction: case study of an application to an irregular commercial building김주형
2020-03Supercapacitor performance of nickel-cobalt sulfide nanotubes decorated using Ni Co-layered double hydroxide nanosheets grown in situ on Ni foam배성철
2020-03전열교환 환기장치의 효율 차이에 따른 결로 발생 빈도 및 결로 방지용 예열코일용량 분석정재원
2020-03대규모 건설현장 건설업 산업안전보건관리비 계상기준 개선에 관한 연구김재준
2020-03방화문 내화성능 확보에 대한 제도적 문제점 및 해결방안김재준
2020-02혼화재료 및 양생조건에 따른 폴리에틸렌 섬유보강 시멘트 복합재료의 에너지흡수성능 강화류두열
2020-02A Numerical Model for Simulating Ground Motions for the Korean Peninsula한상환
2020-02Effects of audio-visual interactions on soundscape and landscape perception and their influence on satisfaction with the urban environment전진용
2020-02Effect of Stage Volume Ratio on Audience Acoustics in Concert Halls전진용
2020-02Evaluating thermal performance of double-skin facade using response factor박준석