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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-06Manual operation simulation using motion-time analysis toward labor productivity estimation: A case study of concrete pouring operations한상욱
2021-08Multi-channel convolutional neural network for integration of meteorological and geographical features in solar power forecasting한상욱
2021-09데이터마이닝 기법을 활용한 건설 중대 재해요인 간 연관성 분석한상욱
2021-10Convolutional neural network modeling strategy for fall-related motion recognition using acceleration features of a scaffolding structure한상욱
2021-12Current status and future directions of deep learning applications for safety management in construction한상욱
2022-01Implementation experiments on convolutional neural network training using synthetic images for 3D pose estimation of an excavator on real images한상욱
2022-04Evaluation of Construction Workers' Emotional States during Virtual Reality-Based Safety Training한상욱
2022-05Integrating off-site and on-site panelized construction schedules using fleet dispatching한상욱
2022-061-D PE 어레이로 컨볼루션 연산을 수행하는 저전력 DCNN 가속기한상욱
2021-11Thermal conductivity of dry fly ashes with various carbon and biomass contents추현욱
2021-11Impact of curing time on UCS-electrical resistivity relation of cement grouted sands추현욱
2021-11Effects of pore fluid type and ionic concentration on electrical conductivity of granular mixtures of electrically conductive graphite and nonconductive sand추현욱
2021-11Inverse effect of packing density on shear wave velocity of binary mixed soils with varying size ratios추현욱
2021-12반복하중 재하 시 모래-타이어칩 혼합토의 최대전단탄성계수 변화추현욱
2022-01Swelling and behavioral transformation of magnesia-sand mixtures: experimental characterization of physical properties and undrained shear strength추현욱
2022-01Correlating failure strength with wave velocities for cemented sands from the particle-level analysis추현욱
2022-02Effect of applied vertical stress on the electrical conductivity of particulate mixtures containing both electrically conductive and nonconductive particles: experimental study on recovered carbon black추현욱
2022-05Effect of Iron Oxide Coatings on Thermal Conductivity of Silica Sands추현욱
2022-02Estimating the electrical conductivity of clayey soils with varying mineralogy using the index properties of soils추현욱
2022-11Stress–Deformation Response of Rigid–Soft Particulate Mixtures under Repetitive Ko Loading Conditions추현욱