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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-07Effect of Flexibility Ratio on Seismic Response of Cut-and-Cover Box Tunnel박두희
2019-06Heterotrophic nitrification-aerobic denitrification potential of cyanide and thiocyanate degrading microbial communities under cyanogenic conditions김영모
2019-06Stratified statistical analysis for effectiveness evaluation of frontline worker safety intervention: Case study of construction steel fabrication한상욱
2019-06Biological hierarchically structured porous materials (Bio-HSPMs) for biomedical applications김기현
2019-06Competitive adsorption of gaseous aromatic hydrocarbons in a binary mixture on nanoporous covalent organic polymers at various partial pressures김기현
2019-06Influence of Nano silica on the Leaching Attack upon Photocatalytic Cement Mortars김홍기
2019-06Influence of Nano-silica on the Leaching Attack upon Photocatalytic Cement Mortars유재석
2019-06Potential use of ZnO@activated carbon nanocomposites for the adsorptive removal of Cd2+ ions in aqueous solutions김기현
2019-06The unique features of non-competitive vs. competitive sorption: Tests against single volatile aromatic hydrocarbons and their quaternary mixtures김기현
2019-06Carbonaceous aerosol in ambient air: Parallel measurements between water cyclone and carbon analyzer김기현
2019-06An advanced technique for rapid and accurate monitoring of gaseous formaldehyde using large-volume injection interfaced with gas chromatograph/barrier discharge ionization detector (LVI/GC/BID)김기현
2019-06The effect of manganese doping on structural, optical, and photocatalytic activity of zinc oxide nanoparticles김기현
2019-06Production of bioplastic through food waste valorization김기현
2019-06Antidiabetic activity enhancement in streptozotocin + nicotinamide–induced diabetic rats through combinational polymeric nanoformulation김기현
2019-09Nanomaterials-based treatment options for chromium in aqueous environments박재우
2019-05Optimal generation number in magnetic-cored dendrimers as Pb(II) and Cd(II) adsorbents박재우
2019-05Effects of carbonation on CO2 capture and the mechanical properties of concrete with amine sorbents박재우
2019-05Loss assessment of building and contents damage from the potential earthquake risk in Seoul, South Korea박재우
2019-04지진 시 파괴면을 고려한 중력식 안벽의 영구변위 평가박두희
2019-05A cloud computing-based damage prevention system for marine structures during berthing조병완