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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-03The role of terminal groups in dendrimer systems for the treatment of organic contaminants in aqueous environments김기현
2020-03Recent developments on functional nanomaterial-based electrodes for microbial fuel cells김기현
2020-03Long short-term memory recurrent neural network for modeling temporal patterns in long-term power forecasting for solar PV facilities: Case study of South Korea한상욱
2020-03Unlocking the potential of walnut husk extract in the production of waste cooking oil-based biodiesel김기현
2020-03Numerical simulation of damage evolution of Daikai station during the 1995 Kobe earthquake박두희
2019-03Influence of doping ion, capping agent and pH on the fluorescence properties of zinc sulfide quantum dots: Sensing of Cu2+ and Hg2+ ions and their biocompatibility with cancer and fungal cells김기현
2020-02Characterization of orthotropic nature of cleavage planes in granitic rock장재원
2020-02Molecular mechanisms in phytoremediation of environmental contaminants and prospects of engineered transgenic plants/microbes김기현
2020-02Quantitative insights into major constituents contained in or released by electronic cigarettes: Propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and nicotine김기현
2020-02Assessing the kinetics and pore scale characteristics of biological calcium carbonate precipitation in porous media using a microfluidic chip experiment장재원
2020-02Potential applications of graphene-based nanomaterials as adsorbent for removal of volatile organic compounds김기현
2020-02Evidence of inter-species swing adsorption between aromatic hydrocarbons김기현
2020-02Advances in imaging-assisted sensing techniques for heavy metals in water: Trends, challenges, and opportunities김기현
2020-02Carbonaceous nanomaterials as effective and efficient platforms for removal of dyes from aqueous systems김기현
2020-02Nanovehicles for Plant Modifications towards Pest- and Disease-Resistance Traits김기현
2020-02Porous molecularly-imprinted polymer for detecting diclofenac in aqueous pharmaceutical compounds김기현
2020-02Application of synthesized bovine serum albumin-magnetic iron oxide for phosphate recovery김종오
2020-02Deformation characteristics of tunnel bottom after construction under geological conditions of long-term deformation박두희
2020-01Improvement of transportation cost estimation for prefabricated construction using geo-fence-based large-scale GPS data feature extraction and support vector regression한상욱
2020-01Water exit dynamics of jumping archer fish: Integrating two-phase flow large-eddy simulation with experimental measurements강석구