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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-12복합파셜거더 고속철도교량 적용을 위한 동적안정성 검토최동호
2020-12Regional Seismic Risk Assessment of Infrastructure Systems through Machine Learning: Active Learning Approach전종수
2020-12Empirical Reynolds number model for drag coefficient determination of ballasted flocs김종오
2020-12Characterization of 1,4-Dioxane Biodegradation by a Microbial Community이강훈
2020-12Fluid dynamics simulations show that facial masks can suppress the spread of COVID-19 in indoor environments강석구
2020-12Mechanistic Studies for Palladium Catalyzed Copolymerization of Ethylene with Vinyl Ethers김기현
2020-12Creep of calcareous sand in Tunisia: effect of particle breakage at low stress level추현욱
2020-12An efficient system for electro-Fenton oxidation of pesticide by a reduced graphene oxide-aminopyrazine@3DNi foam gas diffusion electrode김기현
2020-12The potential utility of HKUST-1 for adsorptive removal of benzene vapor from gaseous streams using a denuder versus a packed-bed adsorption system김기현
2020-12The Experimental Process Design of Artificial Lightweight Aggregates Using an Orthogonal Array Table and Analysis by Machine Learning이강훈
2020-12Core-shell structured molecularly imprinted materials for sensing applications김기현
2020-12Large-eddy simulation of flash flood propagation and sediment transport in a dry-bed desert stream강석구
2020-12Heterogeneous Photocatalysis Scalability for Environmental Remediation: Opportunities and Challenges김기현
2020-12The interactive roles of space velocity and particle size in a microporous carbon bed system in controlling adsorptive removal of gaseous benzene under ambient conditions김기현
2020-12BIM-Based Tunnel Information Modeling Framework for Visualization, Management, and Simulation of Drill-and-Blast Tunneling Projects서종원
2020-11Metal-organic framework as a photocatalyst: Progress in modulation strategies and environmental/energy applications김기현
2020-11An efficient strategy for the enhancement of adsorptivity of microporous carbons against gaseous formaldehyde: Surface modification with aminosilane adducts김기현
2020-11Modeling Maximum Tsunami Heights Using Bayesian Neural Networks조용식
2020-11Advances in thermocatalytic and photocatalytic techniques for the room/low temperature oxidative removal of formaldehyde in air김기현
2020-11Functional use of CO2 for environmentally benign production of hydrogen through catalytic pyrolysis of polymeric waste김기현