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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-04Metal-organic framework for sorptive/catalytic removal and sensing applications against nitroaromatic compounds김기현
2020-04A review of functional sorbents for adsorptive removal of arsenic ions in aqueous systems김기현
2020-04Metal-Organic Frameworks for the Adsorptive Removal of Gaseous Aliphatic Ketones김기현
2020-01Impact of Solution Chemistry on Deposition and Breakthrough Behaviors of Kaolinite in Silica Sand추현욱
2019-05Use of the dilatometer test to estimate the maximum shear modulus of normally consolidated Busan clay추현욱
2019-08Estimation of saturated hydraulic conductivity of coarse-grained soils using particle shape and electrical resistivity추현욱
2019-11-20Estimating UCS of cement-grouted sand using characteristics of sand and UCS of pure grout추현욱
2019-12Sensitivities of input parameters for predicting stability of soil slope추현욱
2020-03-25Lignin fractionation from waste wood using organosolv treatment combined with membrane filtration김영모
2020-03Investigations of potent biocompatible metal-organic framework for efficient encapsulation and delivery of Gemcitabine: Biodistribution, pharmacokinetic and cytotoxicity study김기현
2020-02Simulating the behavior of ballasted flocs in circular lamellar settling tank using computational fluid dynamics (CFD)김종오
2020-04Utilization of metal-organic frameworks for the adsorptive removal of an aliphatic aldehyde mixture in the gas phase김기현
2020-04Mitigation Method of Rockfall Hazard on Rock Slope Using Large-Scale Field Tests and Numerical Simulations박두희
2020-03LSTM-RNN 기반 태양광 발전량 추정을 통한 고속도로 주변부 태양광발전 시설의 적지 선별 기술한상욱
2020-03Thermal and cost analysis of various air filled double glazed reflective windows for energy efficient buildings김기현
2020-03Metalloporphyrinic metal-organic frameworks: Controlled synthesis for catalytic applications in environmental and biological media김기현
2020-03Development of a 3D Printer for Concrete Structures: Laboratory Testing of Cementitious Materials조병완
2020-03Finding Causal Paths between Safety Management System Factors and Accident Precursors한상욱
2020-03An efficient tool for the continuous monitoring on adsorption of sub-ppm level gaseous benzene using an automated analytical system based on thermal desorption-gas chromatography/mass spectrometry approach김기현
2020-03The effects of continuous- and stop-flow gas streams on adsorptive removal of benzene vapor using type – II covalent organic polymers김기현