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2019-05Formation of highly porous electrochemically etched silicon carbide: A novel reusable adsorbent for air purification technology김기현
2017-03The sensitive detection of formaldehyde in aqueous media using zirconium-based metal organic frameworks김기현
2018-04Determination of carbonyl compounds in electronic cigarette refill solutions and aerosols through liquid-phase dinitrophenyl hydrazine derivatization김기현
2017-05Metal-organic frameworks as superior media for thermal desorption-gas chromatography application: A critical assessment of MOF-5 for the quantitation of airborne formaldehyde김기현
2016-01Development of a sampling method for carbonyl compounds released due to the use of electronic cigarettes and quantitation of their conversion from liquid to aerosol김기현
2019-06An advanced technique for rapid and accurate monitoring of gaseous formaldehyde using large-volume injection interfaced with gas chromatograph/barrier discharge ionization detector (LVI/GC/BID)김기현
2019-03High-performance materials for effective sorptive removal of formaldehyde in air.김기현
2016-02A practical approach to estimate emission rates of indoor air pollutants due to the use of personal combustible products based on small-chamber studies김기현
2019-11Adsorption properties of advanced functional materials against gaseous formaldehyde김기현
2019-12Use of graphene-based structures as platforms for the trace-level detection of gaseous formaldehyde and insights into their superior sensing potentials김기현