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2019-04Potential utility of graphene-based nano spinel ferrites as adsorbent and photocatalyst for removing organic/inorganic contaminants from aqueous solutions: A mini review김영모
2019-02Additional reduction of antibiotic resistance genes and human bacterial pathogens via thermophilic aerobic digestion of anaerobically digested sludge김영모
2019-06Heterotrophic nitrification-aerobic denitrification potential of cyanide and thiocyanate degrading microbial communities under cyanogenic conditions김영모
2020-03-25Lignin fractionation from waste wood using organosolv treatment combined with membrane filtration김영모
2020-08Refractory oil wastewater treatment by dissolved air flotation, electrochemical advanced oxidation process, and magnetic biochar integrated system김영모
2020-09Comparing the fate of antibiotic resistance genes in two full-scale thermophilic anaerobic digestion plants treating food wastewater김영모
2020-09Reducing food waste in residential complexes using a pilot-scale on-site system김영모
2020-09Synergistic Co-digestion of microalgae and primary sludge to enhance methane yield from temperature-phased anaerobic digestion김영모
2020-09Mitigation via physiochemically enhanced primary treatment of antibiotic resistance genes in influent from a municipal wastewater treatment plant김영모
2020-09Antibiotics in coastal aquaculture waters: Occurrence and elimination efficiency in oxidative water treatment processes김영모