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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-04Bio-inspired honeycomb-like graphitic carbon nitride for enhanced visible light photocatalytic CO2 reduction activityMADHUSUDAN, PUTTASWAMY
2022-03Novel kinetic modeling of thiabendazole removal by adsorption and photocatalysis on porous organic polymers: Effect of pH and visible light intensity김기현
2022-05Photocatalytic destruction of volatile aromatic compounds by platinized titanium dioxide in relation to the relative effect of the number of methyl groups on the benzene ring김기현
2022-04De novo synthesis of photocatalytic bifunctional MIL-125(Ti)/gC3N4/RGO through sequential self-assembly and solvothermal route김종오
2021-05Simulating alveoli-inspired air pockets in a ZnO/NiMoO4/C3N4 catalyst filter for toluene entrapment and photodecomposition박재우
2021-06Platinized titanium dioxide (Pt/TiO2) as a multi-functional catalyst for thermocatalysis, photocatalysis, and photothermal catalysis for removing air pollutants김기현
2021-09Recent progress in bimetallic nanostructure impregnated metal-organic framework for photodegradation of organic pollutants김기현
2021-08Anisotropic ZnO nanostructures and their nanocomposites as an advanced platform for photocatalytic remediation김기현
2019-12Photocatalytic mineralization of hydrogen sulfide as a dual-phase technique for hydrogen production and environmental remediation김기현
2020-07PANI/PbS QD nanocomposite structure for visible light driven photocatalytic degradation of rhodamine 6G김기현