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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-01A fuzzy logic approach to posture-based ergonomic analysis for field observation and assessment of construction manual operations한상욱
2019-06Stratified statistical analysis for effectiveness evaluation of frontline worker safety intervention: Case study of construction steel fabrication한상욱
2019-092D Drawing Visualization Framework for Applying Projection-Based Augmented Reality in a Panelized Construction Manufacturing Facility: Proof of Concept한상욱
2019-11태양광 발전소 건설부지 평가 및 선정을 위한 선형회귀분석 기반 태양광 발전량 추정 모델한상욱
2020-01Improvement of transportation cost estimation for prefabricated construction using geo-fence-based large-scale GPS data feature extraction and support vector regression한상욱
2020-03Long short-term memory recurrent neural network for modeling temporal patterns in long-term power forecasting for solar PV facilities: Case study of South Korea한상욱
2020-03Finding Causal Paths between Safety Management System Factors and Accident Precursors한상욱
2020-03Digital elevation model-based convolutional neural network modeling for searching of high solar energy regions한상욱
2020-03LSTM-RNN 기반 태양광 발전량 추정을 통한 고속도로 주변부 태양광발전 시설의 적지 선별 기술한상욱
2020-05Proof-of-concept of a two-stage approach for selecting suitable slopes on a highway network for solar photovoltaic systems: A case study in South Korea한상욱