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2022-04미량오염물질 관리를 위한 산화 및 흡착 기반 하수 방류수 강화처리 기술의 연구 동향 및 시사점김영모
2022-06<p>Abatement efficiencies of organic matter and micropollutants during combined coagulation and powdered activated carbon processes as an alternative primary wastewater treatment option</p>김영모
2022-01Reduction of antibiotic resistome in influent of a wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) via a chemically enhanced primary treatment (CEPT) process김영모
2022-05Abundance and diversity of antibiotic resistance genes and bacterial communities in the western Pacific and Southern Oceans김영모
2022-02Mechanism for biodegradation of sulfamethazine by Bacillus cereus H38김영모
2022-05Identification of factors affecting removal of antibiotic resistance genes in full-scale anaerobic digesters treating organic solid wastes김영모
2022-02Effect of type of coagulants on removal efficiency and removal mechanisms of antibiotic resistance genes in anaerobic digestion of primary sludge produced via a chemically enhanced primary treatment process김영모
2021-12Carbon-neutrality in wastewater treatment plants: Advanced technologies for efficient operation and energy/ resource recovery김영모
2021-03Effects of hydrogen addition on structure and NO formation of highly CO-Rich syngas counterflow nonpremixed flames under MILD combustion regime김영모
2021-04Effects of interaction between enrofloxacin and copper on soil enzyme activity and evaluation of comprehensive toxicity김영모