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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-05An accurate and reliable analysis of trimethylamine using thermal desorption and gas chromatography-time of flight mass spectrometry김기현
2018-10Activation strategies of metal-organic frameworks for the sorption of reduced sulfur compounds김기현
2019-04Advanced functional structure-based sensing and imaging strategies for cancer detection: possibilities, opportunities, challenges, and prospects김기현
2016-10Advanced polymeric materials: Synthesis and analytical application of ion imprinted polymers as selective sorbents for solid phase extraction of metal ions김기현
2019-09The advanced role of carbon quantum dots in nanomedical applications김기현
2019-06An advanced technique for rapid and accurate monitoring of gaseous formaldehyde using large-volume injection interfaced with gas chromatograph/barrier discharge ionization detector (LVI/GC/BID)김기현
2019-03Advanced selection methodologies for DNAzymes in sensing and healthcare applications.김기현
2018-09Advances and challenges in neurochemical profiling of biological samples using mass spectrometry coupled with separation methods김기현
2019-09Advances in colorimetric and optical sensing for gaseous volatile organic compounds김기현
2019-04Advances in functional nanomaterial-based electrochemical techniques for screening of endocrine disrupting chemicals in various sample matrices김기현
2017-06Air ionization as a control technology for off-gas emissions of volatile organic compounds김기현
2018-05Airborne bioaerosols and their impact on human health김기현
2016-12Airborne foliar transfer of PM bound heavy metals in Cassia siamea: A less common route of heavy metal accumulation김기현
2016-04Airborne iron across major urban centers in South Korea between 1991 and 2012김기현
2018-03Airborne volatile aromatic hydrocarbons at an urban monitoring station in Korea from 2013 to 2015김기현
2014-01Ambient particulate matter (PM10) concentrations in major urban areas of Korea during 1996-2010김기현
2015-01Ambient particulate matter in a central urban area of Seoul, Korea김기현
2019-01Amine functionalized metal-organic frameworks and covalent organic polymers as potential sorbents for removal of formaldehyde in aqueous phase: experimental versus theoretical Study.김기현
2013-02Analysis of ammonia variation in the urban atmosphere김기현
2011-04The analysis of PM2.5 and associated elements and their indoor/outdoor pollution status in an urban area김기현
2015-09Analysis of the lipid profiles in a section of bovine brain via non-catalytic rapid methylation김기현
2013-11Analysis of water-soluble ions and their precursor gases over diurnal cycle김기현
2018-12Analytical Method for Measurement of Tobacco-Specific Nitrosamines in E-Cigarette Liquid and Aerosol김기현
2017-06Antibacterial and phytochemical properties of Aphanamixis polystachya essential oil김기현
2019-10Antibiotic resistance in major rivers in the world: A systematic review on occurrence, emergence, and management strategies김기현
2017-12Antibody conjugated glycine doped polyaniline nanofilms as efficient biosensor for atrazine김기현
2019-06Antidiabetic activity enhancement in streptozotocin + nicotinamide–induced diabetic rats through combinational polymeric nanoformulation김기현
2017-07The applicability of a large-volume injection (LVI) system for quantitative analysis of permanent gases O-2 and N-2 using a gas chromatograph/barrier discharge ionization detector김기현
2019-07Application of an enzyme encapsulated metal-organic framework composite for convenient sensing and degradation of methyl parathion김기현
2017-09Application of drum compost and vermicompost to improve soil health, growth, and yield parameters for tomato and cabbage plants김기현