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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-05Impulsive buying in hospitality and tourism journals안지선
2020-05Open Innovation Engineering-Preliminary Study on New Entrance of Technology to Market김대철
2020-05체제전환국가 내 기업들의 경영성과 분석임형록
2020-05The Role of Personality Traits Toward Organizational Commitments and Service Quality Commitments박정근
2020-05When do job-insecure employees keep performing well? The buffering roles of help and prosocial motivation in the relationship between job insecurity, work engagement, and job performance신유형
2020-05Robotics Utilization for Healthcare Digitization in Global COVID-19 Management이창원
2020-05양보의 형태에 따른 협상자의 대응 행동과 심리: 쟁점의 성격을 중심으로오세형
2020-05Assessing the predictive validity of perceived globalness and country of origin of foreign brands in quality judgments among consumers in emerging markekts한충민
2020-05공감(Compassion)개념에 대한 이해이상민
2020-05공급사와 구매사 간의 B2B 상호작용 서비스품질이 거래성과에 미치는 영향: 철강 구매사를 중심으로김승철
2020-05외국 브랜드의 현지성과 소비자의 품질 지각한충민
2020-04Effectiveness of demographic characteristics in understanding Malaysian customers' perceived value of the integrated resort sector안지선
2020-04Exploring impacts of media characteristics on message content using text mining백승익
2020-03Examining antecedents of retail employees' propensity to leave박정근
2020-04Muscling My Way to My Positive Future: Physical Exertion of Strength and Preference for Risk안희경
2020-04Happiness from What We Have and What We Experience: Attribute Non-alignability Increases Anticipated Satisfaction from Experiential Purchases안희경
2020-04상사의 코칭 행동이 구성원의 LMX와 심리적 임파워먼트를 통해 직무열의에 미치는 영향 : 문제해결지향 코칭의 조절된 매개효과김민수
2020-04금융 지표와 파라미터 최적화를 통한 로보어드바이저 전략 도출 사례임규건
2020-04옴니채널 유통환경에서의 고객서비스전략 - 롯데백화점 사례한상린
2020-04수퍼마켓의 모바일 앱 도입으로 인한 고객의 구매행동 변화 분석한상린