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2015-01Convergent perceptions of organizational efficacy among team members and positive work outcomes in organizational teams신유형
2015-02Antecedents and Mediating Mechanisms of Proactive Behavior: Application of the Theory of Planned Behavior신유형
2022-08완벽주의는 창의성에 약이 되는가? 독이 되는가? 완벽주의, 창의적 업무수행 간의 관계: 인지적 유연성의 매개효과와 조절초점의 조절효과를 중심으로신유형
2022-06Customer incivility and employee outcomes in the new service marketplace신유형
2022-04How and when does job crafting contribute to franchised restaurant managers' service performance? The moderation of headquarter control systems신유형
2021-10The power of family support: The long-term effect of pre-COVID-19 family support on mid-COVID-19 work outcomes신유형
2021-08When do job-insecure employees keep performing well? The buffering roles of help and prosocial motivation in the relationship between job insecurity, work engagement, and job performance신유형
2021-05Mistreatment from Multiple Sources: Interaction Effects of Abusive Supervision, Coworker Incivility, and Customer Incivility on Work Outcomes신유형
2021-11Do organizational health climates and leader health mindsets enhance employees’ work engagement and job crafting amid the pandemic?신유형
2022-02Having Control or Lacking Control? Roles of Job Crafting and Service Scripts in Coping With Customer Incivility신유형