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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-02A Multilevel Analysis of the Network Topology Effects on Communication Disparity in Facebook최용석
2020-03그래프 기반의 피싱 URL 탐지김상욱
2020-03Automatic Baseball Commentary Generation Using Deep Learning최용석
2020-03Ontology-Based Knowledge model for Human-Robot Interactive Services최용석
2020-03Similarity-based Calibration Method for Zero-Shot Recognition in Multi-object Scenes최용석
2020-03Robust Feature Tracking in DVS Event Stream using Bezier Mapping임종우
2020-03Interactive character posing with efficient collision handling권태수
2020-03Design of Imperceptible Metamer Markers and Application Systems박종일
2020-03Fast Journaling Made Simple with NVM정형수
2020-03Fast Journaling Made Simple with NVM유민수
2020-03Understanding Emotions in SNS Images From Posters' Perspectives김상욱
2020-03DEMETER: Hardware-assisted Database Checkpointing정형수
2020-03DEMETER: Hardware-assisted Database Checkpointing강수용
2020-02Altered gut microbiota by azithromycin attenuates airway inflammation in allergic asthma노미나
2020-02Adapting Distributed Stream Processing Technologies for the Automation of Modern Health Care Systems이춘화
2020-02Cost-aware orchestration of applications over heterogeneous clouds이춘화
2020-02Graph-Theoretic One-Class Collaborative Filtering using Signed Random Walk with Restart김상욱
2020-02Detection of Rapidly Spreading Hashtags via Social Networks서지원
2020-02Robust quantization of deep neural networks서지원
2020-02CRCount: Pointer Invalidation with Reference Counting to Mitigate Use-after-free in Legacy C/C++조영필