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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-05Antibiotic resistomes discovered in the gut microbiomes of Korean swine and cattle노미나
2020-05An Overview of the MPEG-5 Essential Video Coding Standard [Standards in a Nutshell]장의선
2020-05Oral microbiome-systemic link studies: perspectives on current limitations and future artificial intelligence-based approaches노미나
2020-05Progressive Feature Matching: Incremental Graph Construction and Optimization임종우
2020-04Mapping Social Distress: A Computational Approach to Spatiotemporal Distribution of Anxiety최용석
2020-04Two-tier garbage collection for persistent object박영준
2020-04Efficient neural network compression via transfer learning for machine vision inspection노영균
2020-04Impact of Body Size Match to an Avatar on the Body Ownership Illusion and User's Subjective Experience김광욱
2020-04Hybrid emulation for bypassing anti-reversing techniques and analyzing malware박용수
2020-04Practical Time-Release Blockchain박용수
2020-04Optimization of a GPU-based Sparse Matrix Multiplication for Large Sparse Networks김상욱
2020-04Optimization of GPU-based Sparse Matrix Multiplication for Large Sparse Networks박영준
2020-04AniFilter: parallel and failure-atomic cuckoo filter for non-volatile memories서지원
2020-04Packer identification method based on byte sequences임을규
2020-04AniFilter: Parallel and Failure-Atomic Cuckoo Filter for Non-Volatile Memories박희진
2020-02A Multilevel Analysis of the Network Topology Effects on Communication Disparity in Facebook최용석
2020-03그래프 기반의 피싱 URL 탐지김상욱
2020-03Automatic Baseball Commentary Generation Using Deep Learning최용석
2020-03Ontology-Based Knowledge model for Human-Robot Interactive Services최용석
2020-03Similarity-based Calibration Method for Zero-Shot Recognition in Multi-object Scenes최용석