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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-07A Hierarchical Distributed Energy Management Agent Framework for Smart Homes, Grids, and Cities최진식
2019-07Marker Concealment Using Print Color Correction and Its Application박종일
2019-08A Machine Learning-Based Approach for the Prediction of Acute Coronary Syndrome Requiring Revascularization노영균
2019-06Improving GPU Multitasking Efficiency Using Dynamic Resource Sharing박영준
2019-06On Approximate k-Nearest Neighbor Searches Based on the Earth Mover's Distance for Efficient Content-Based Multimedia Information Retrieval김상욱
2019-06A Tripartite-Graph Based Recommendation Framework for Price-Comparison Services김상욱
2019-06Palette-based Color Attribute Compression for Point Cloud Data장의선
2019-06GATE: A Generalized Dataflow-level Approximation Tuning Engine For Data Parallel Architectures박영준
2019-06Dual Convolutional Neural Network for Image Steganalysis박종일
2019-06Semantic Relation Classification via Bidirectional LSTM Networks with Entity-Aware Attention Using Latent Entity Typing최용석
2019-06Subgroup Analysis of an Epidemic Response Network of Organizations: 2015 MERS Outbreak in Korea김상욱
2019-04Safe and Efficient Implementation of a Security System on ARM using Intra-level Privilege Separation조영필
2019-06전처리 필터의 수가 CNN 기반 스테그아날리시스의 성능에 미치는 영향 분석박종일
2019-06다시점 영상의 가상시점 합성을 위한 깊이 및 수퍼픽셀 기반 가중치 블렌딩 방법박종일
2019-06RGB-IR 이미징 드론을 사용한 PV 패널 탐지 방법박종일
2019-06음성 및 손동작 결합 인터페이스를 통한 가상객체의 생성박종일
2019-06A compiler-based approach for GPGPU performance calibration using TLP modulation (WIP paper)박영준
2019-06Toward Ternary Classification in CNN-Based Image Steganalysis박종일
2019-06다단계 오토-스케일링을 지원하는 TOSCA 기반 클라우드 오케스트레이션이춘화
2019-06SNS 이미지를 통한 감정 예측 모델김상욱