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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-09Spatial and temporal trends of PCDD/Fs in sediment and bivalves along the Korean coasts during 2001-2012문효방
2019-09Maternal exposures to persistent organic pollutants are associated with DNA methylation of thyroid hormone-related genes in placenta differently by infant sex문효방
2019-07Newly Identified AhR-Active Compounds in the Sediments of an Industrial Area Using Effect-Directed Analysis문효방
2019-09Contamination and spatial distribution of parabens, their metabolites and antimicrobials in sediment from Korean coastal waters문효방
2019-04수생태 독성자료의 정규성 분포 특성 확인을 통해 통계분석 시 분포 특성 적용에 대한 타당성 확인 연구문효방
2019-05Receptor-based aggregate exposure assessment of phthalates based on individual's simultaneous use of multiple cosmetic products문효방
2019-07Spatial and temporal trends of melamine and its derivatives in sediment from Lake Shihwa, South Korea문효방
2019-10Association of urinary phthalate metabolites and phenolics with adipokines and insulin resistance related markers among women of reproductive age문효방
2019-10Optimization of suspect and non-target analytical methods using GC/TOF for prioritization of emerging contaminants in the Arctic environment문효방
2019-12Major AhR-active chemicals in sediments of Lake Sihwa, South Korea: Application of effect-directed analysis combined with full-scan screening analysis문효방