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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-07Global Cooling Hiatus Driven by an AMOC Overshoot in a Carbon Dioxide Removal Scenario예상욱
2021-07Surface temperature variability in climate models with large and small internal climate variability예상욱
2021-07Statistical predictability of wintertime PM2.5 concentrations over East Asia using simple linear regression예상욱
2021-07Occurrence of bisphenols and phthalates in indoor dust collected from Korean homes문효방
2021-07동해 천해환경에서 측정된 중주파수 전달손실 측정: Rayleigh 및 HFBL 모델과의 비교최지웅
2021-11서남해 해상풍력 실증단지 주변에서의 수동 음향 관측을 이용한 상괭이 모니터링 가능성 연구최지웅
2021-07Process-Based Model Prediction of Coastal Dune Erosion through Parametric Calibration신성원
2021-07Variability of urinary creatinine, specific gravity, and osmolality over the course of pregnancy: Implications in exposure assessment among pregnant women문효방
2021-07Application of Compound-Specific Isotope Analysis in Environmental Forensic and Strategic Management Avenue for Pesticide Residues신경훈
2021-08Using stable isotope probing and fluorescence spectroscopy to examine the roles of substrate and soluble microbial products in extracellular polymeric substance formation in activated sludge process신경훈
2021-08Anti-Photoaging and Potential Skin Health Benefits of Seaweeds신경훈
2021-08Determination of precise nitrogen stable isotopic baselines from heterotrophic organism in coastal ocean environments using compound specific isotope analysis of amino acids신경훈
2021-08Exploiting of Secondary Raw Materials from Fish Processing Industry as a Source of Bioactive Peptide-Rich Protein Hydrolysates신경훈
2021-05시화호 인근 연안 퇴적물의 유기물 분해 특성, 저층 영양염 용출 및 조절요인현정호
2021-01Oxidative stress responses in brackish water flea exposed to microcystin-LR and algal bloom waters from Nakdong River, Republic of Korea신경훈
2021-01On the impact of wastewater effluent on phytoplankton in the Arctic coastal zone: A case study in the Kitikmeot Sea of the Canadian Arctic신경훈
2021-01Non-stationary characteristics of intraseasonal precipitation variability in Northeast Asia during the boreal summer예상욱
2021-01Role of the eastern subtropical North Pacific Ocean on the El Nino's transition processes예상욱
2021-02Exposure to phthalates and bisphenol analogues among childbearing-aged women in Korea: Influencing factors and potential health risks문효방
2021-02Multimedia distributions and the fate of microcystins from freshwater discharge in the Geum River Estuary, South Korea: Applicability of POCIS for monitoring of microalgal biotoxins신경훈