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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-07-24Urinary concentrations of organophosphate esters and associated health outcomes in Korean firefighters문효방
2023-10-29Density-dependent inhibition among four major dinoflagellate species causing red tides in Korean waters옥진희
2022-09-23Spatial and temporal trends in polychlorinated naphthalenes in sediment from Ulsan and Onsan Bays of Korea: Potential sources and ecotoxicological concerns문효방
2023-05-27Physical model comparison of gray and green mitigation alternatives for flooding and wave force reduction in an idealized urban coastal environment신성원
2023-10-01Freshwater input variability in a west coastal area of Korea and its links to the global monsoon and ITCZ shifts during the period 8500-7800 cal yr BP신경훈
2023-09화합물안정동위원소 분석법을 활용한 낙동강 이입종 강준치 Chanodichthys erythropterus의 영양단계 해석신경훈
2023-07-13Present-day North Atlantic salinity constrains future warming of the Northern Hemisphere예상욱
2024-05-03Effect of salinity on the bioluminescence intensity of the heterotrophic dinoflagellates Noctiluca scintillans and Polykrikos kofoidii and the autotrophic dinoflagellate Alexandrium mediterraneum옥진희
2024-05-03Observations of wave run-up affected by dune scarp during storm conditions: a two dimensional large-scaled movable bed experiment신성원
2024-05-17Estimation of geoacoustic parameters and source range using airgun sounds in the East Siberian Sea, Arctic Ocean최지웅
2023-07-11Southern Ocean polynyas and dense water formation in a high-resolution, coupled Earth system model박효석
2023-07-27Contrasting Trends in Convective and Large-Scale Precipitation in the Intertropical Convergence Zone From Reanalysis Data Sets예상욱
2023-07-26Hemispherically asymmetric Hadley cell response to CO2 removal예상욱
2023-06-23Seasonal dynamics of sinking organic matter in the Pacific Arctic Ocean revealed by nitrogen isotope ratios of amino acids신경훈
2023-06-12Abrupt sub-seasonal rainfall variability over India during summer monsoon 2021: Interaction between midlatitude and tropical circulation박효석
2023-06Five phototrophic Scrippsiella species lacking mixotrophic ability and the extended prey spectrum of Scrippsiella acuminata (Thoracosphaerales, Dinophyceae)옥진희
2023-02-23Low frequency changes in CO2 concentration in East Asia related to Pacific decadal oscillation and Atlantic multi-decadal oscillation for mid-summer and early fall예상욱
2022-10-20A regime shift in the interhemispheric teleconnection between the Yellow and East China Seas and the southeastern tropical Pacific during the boreal summer예상욱
2023-06-28Wintertime sea surface temperature variability modulated by Arctic Oscillation in the northwestern part of the East/Japan Sea and its relationship with marine heatwaves예상욱
2023-05-26Impact of volcanic eruptions on extratropical atmospheric circulations: review, revisit and future directions예상욱