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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-11Legacy and novel flame retardants in water and sediment from highly industrialized bays of Korea: Occurrence, source tracking, decadal time trend, and ecological risks문효방
2020-11Dietary contribution to body burden of bisphenol A and bisphenol S among mother-children pairs문효방
2020-11동해에서 발견된 향고래의 클릭 신호를 이용한 전장 추정최지웅
2020-11하계 영산강, 하구호 및 하구 퇴적물 내 인의 생지화학적 특성현정호
2020-12The Lagged Effect of Anthropogenic Aerosol on East Asian Precipitation during the Summer Monsoon Season예상욱
2020-12Seasonal contrast of particulate organic carbon (POC) characteristics in the Geum and Seomjin estuary systems (South Korea) revealed by carbon isotope (delta C-13 and Delta C-14) analyses신경훈
2020-07Organophosphate flame retardants and plasticizers in sediment and bivalves along the Korean coast: Occurrence, geographical distribution, and a potential for bioaccumulation문효방
2020-07Legacy and emerging per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) in the coastal environment of Korea: Occurrence, spatial distribution, and bioaccumulation potential문효방
2020-07The Response of Dissolved Organic Matter during Monsoon and Post-Monsoon Periods in the Regulated River for Sustainable Water Supply신경훈
2020-07Trophic transfer of persistent toxic substances through a coastal food web in Ulsan Bay, South Korea: Application of compound-specific isotope analysis of nitrogen in amino acids신경훈
2020-07Trophic Dynamics of Zooplankton Before and After Polar Night in the Kongsfjorden (Svalbard): Evidence of Trophic Position Estimated by delta N-15 Analysis of Amino Acids신경훈
2020-08Associations of exposure to phthalates and environmental phenols with gynecological disorders문효방
2020-08Comparing optical versus chromatographic descriptors of dissolved organic matter (DOM) for tracking the non-point sources in rural watersheds신경훈
2020-09Understanding Intermodel Diversity When Simulating the Time of Emergence in CMIP5 Climate Models예상욱
2020-09Numerical and Probabilistic Study on the Optimal Region for Tsunami Detection Instrument Deployment in the Eastern Sea of Korea신성원
2020-09Understanding Intermodel Diversity When Simulating the Time of Emergence in CMIP5 Climate Models박효석
2020-09Multisensor distributed out-of-sequence-tracks fusion with track origin uncertainty최지웅
2020-04Arctic Sea Ice Loss as a Potential Trigger for Central Pacific El Nino Events예상욱
2020-04Multiple Bioassays and Targeted and Nontargeted Analyses to Characterize Potential Toxicological Effects Associated with Sediments of Masan Bay: Focusing on AhR-Mediated Potency문효방
2020-04Urinary levels of phthalates and DINCH metabolites in Korean and Thai pregnant women across three trimesters문효방