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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-06Bacterial Metabolic Response to Change in Phytoplankton Communities and Resultant Effects on Carbon Cycles in the Amundsen Sea Polynya, Antarctica현정호
2022-08Sulfur and methane oxidation by a single microorganism현정호
2022-08Carbon cycling in the East Sea (Japan Sea): A review현정호
2022-10Glacial Ice Melting Stimulates Heterotrophic Prokaryotes Production on the Getz Ice Shelf in the Amundsen Sea, Antarctica현정호
2023-03Characteristics of Sound Attenuation by Individual and Multiple Fishes최지웅
2023-03Seismic airgun sound propagation in shallow water of the East Siberian shelf and its prediction with the measured source signature최지웅
2022-12Eco-engineering approaches for ocean negative carbon emission현정호
2023-02Impacts of the invasive Spartina anglica on C-S-Hg cycles and Hg(II) methylating microbial communities revealed by hgcA gene analysis in intertidal sediment of the Han River estuary, Yellow Sea현정호
2021-12Preliminary study of passive acoustic monitoring of finless porpoises Neophocaena asiaeorientalis around the Southwest offshore wind farm in Korea최지웅
2022-03Underwater acoustic communication performance in reverberant water tank최지웅
2022-03Classification of bearded seals signal based on convolutional neural network최지웅
2022-07Experimental analysis and modeling for predicting bistatic reverberation in the presence of artificial bubbles최지웅
2022-11A channel parameter-based weighting method for performance improvement of underwater acoustic communication system using single vector sensor최지웅
2018-03N-2 production through denitrification and anammox across the continental margin (shelf-slope-rise) of the Ulleung Basin, East Sea현정호
2019-03Genomic and metatranscriptomic analyses of carbon remineralization in an Antarctic polynya (vol 7, 29, 2019)현정호
2020-02Invasive Spartina anglica Greatly Alters the Rates and Pathways of Organic Carbon Oxidation and Associated Microbial Communities in an Intertidal Wetland of the Han River Estuary, Yellow Sea현정호
2020-04Influence of Manila clam aquaculture on rates and partitioning of organic carbon oxidation in sediment of Keunso Bay, Yellow Sea현정호
2021-01Measurement and simulation of high-frequency bistatic sea surface scattering channel in shallow water of Geoje bay최지웅
2021-03A hybrid newton–raphson and particle swarm optimization method for target motion analysis by batch processing최지웅
2016-08Magnetic Fabrics and Source Implications of Chisulryoung Ignimbrites, South Korea석동우