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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-11Layered K0.28MnO2·0.15H2O as a Cathode Material for Potassium-Ion Intercalation황장연
2019-08Potassium vanadate as a new cathode material for potassium-ion batteries황장연
2018-12간호사의 회복탄력성과 소진의 관계에서 자기효능감과 사회적지지의 조절효과에 관한 연구허수연
2018-12A novel green solvent alternative for polymeric membrane preparation via nonsolvent-induced phase separation (NIPS)김승주
2018-12Capacity Degradation Mechanism and Cycling Stability Enhancement of AIF(3)-Coated Nanorod Gradient Na[Ni0.65Co0.08Mn0.27]O-2 Cathode for Sodium-Ion Batteries황장연
2018-11Functionalized Boron Nitride Nanosheets: A Thermally Rearranged Polymer Nanocomposite Membrane for Hydrogen Separation김승주
2018-11공학소양교육 사례로서의 DNA 구조 발견남영
2018-10Development of P3-K0.69CrO2 as an ultra-high-performance cathode material for K-ion batteries황장연
2018-10Recent Progress in Rechargeable Potassium Batteries황장연
2018-09AndroClass: An Effective Method to Classify Android Applications by Applying Deep Neural Networks to Comprehensive FeaturesReyhani Hamedani Masoud
2018-09Rational Design of Low Cost and High Energy Lithium Batteries through Tailored Fluorine-free Electrolyte and Nanostructured S/C Composite황장연
2018-09Minimizing the Electrolyte Volume in Li-S Batteries: A Step Forward to High Gravimetric Energy Density황장연
2018-09Non-swelling graphene oxide-polymer nanocomposite membrane for reverse osmosis desalination김승주
2018-09Simultaneous MgO coating and Mg doping of Na[Ni0.5Mn0.5]O-2 cathode: facile and customizable approach to high-voltage sodium-ion batteries황장연
2018-08The effect of charge density on the velocity and attenuation of ultrasound waves in human cancellous bone윤영준
2018-07High performance potassium-sulfur batteries based on a sulfurized polyacrylonitrile cathode and polyacrylic acid binder황장연
2018-07Thermoresponsive Amphoteric Metal–Organic Frameworks for Efficient and Reversible Adsorption of Multiple Salts from Water김승주
2018-07What makes you select a higher price option? Price-quality heuristics, cultures, and travel group compositions정지연
2018-06Superior lithium/potassium storage capability of nitrogen-rich porous carbon nanosheets derived from petroleum coke황장연
2018-06Recent research trends in Li-S batteries황장연