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The Architectural Design Study of Mixed-Use Culture Facility,Considering Historic and Regional

The Architectural Design Study of Mixed-Use Culture Facility,Considering Historic and Regional
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The historic cultural district of Luanghe street in Chengde is being watched for "the first strip of commerce street",although the old street is better preserved in the traditional style and the block pattern in the Qing dynasty,however, due to the long period, the long period of development is slow, and the buildings and the urban landscape are decrepit, and the infrastructure is backward, and the quality of the people's life is low. With the development of the city,The reform of Luanghe Lao jie is a natural strategic priority for the further development of the city. Therefore, it is proposed to discuss and think about the regeneration of the northern Hutong space and historical and cultural space. Luanghe Lao jie, which is known as "the first commercial street outside the traffic",With a long history, more than fifty years before the construction of the summer resort, it is the earliest block in Chengde region,It is of great significance to the historical vein of Chengde, which is rich in human landscape and natural landscape。The unique regional environment created the characteristic of Chengde's unique urban space。The old building is a cultural crystallization of the historical period, and the old block is a microcosm of social customs and lifestyle in a period of time. This is what history has left us, and it is the distinguishing feature of Chengde that distinguishes it from other cities. This leads to the core problem of this paper - tradition and innovation. Local-style dwelling houses building features of regionality, and its vitality is to keep pace with The Times, can you look at traditional critical spirit and innovation spirit and development, and can accurately focus on regional architectural culture connotation of culture, and vision to carry forward the era of creative spirit into the key to solve the problem of old city residential area regeneration. In historical and cultural traditions, therefore, the block development, efforts should be made to explore its historical and cultural value, and at the same time effectively reflect the characteristics of the regional characteristics of architecture, and to block the new function, make the historical architecture issue a new vitality, and promote the benign development of the city.
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