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New Media Center in the CBD of Beijing

New Media Center in the CBD of Beijing
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베이징 CBD의 미디어센터 설계:중국 전통 목조구조 활용 제시
Quan, Jun Mei
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Abstract New Media Center in the CBD of Beijing: The proposition recreating Chinese traditional timber frame structure QUAN JUNMEI Thesis Supervisor: 김재경 Graduate School of Hanyang University Architecture design Ⅰ 2017.06 Chinese architecture has a long history, especially the wooden structure system has a fairly mature technology, such as dougong, caisson and other components are the treasures of traditional architecture. But with the development of The Times, the progress of science, reinforced concrete structure, steel structure, tube structure such as bearing structure in order to meet increasingly complex building of large span and large bearing, irregular modelling requirements and arises at the historic moment. Traditional Chinese architectural essence is gradually fading out of our life, and the marginal tenon structure of wooden structure is also useless. Can say that the current construction status quo for traditional architectural culture in China has brought the serious influence and waste, so the author tries to find the traditional component with modern technology, perfect fit, - 7 - such as deformation of mortise and tenon joint structure improvement, parameterized in the application of traditional artifacts, etc. Give new life to the traditional architectural culture. This paper is divided into four parts: the first part mainly introduces the research background, purpose and scope of research. The second part has carried on the large-span space, sunk panel, mortise and tenon joint structure of case analysis, and comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of all kinds of traditional materials, and find out the structure and material conflicts, to find out the material suitable for this design, the research significance of this design is deduced
The third part mainly analyzes the design of the proposed site. The fourth part simply introduces the concept and expression of the scheme.   Keyword : Caisson 、 Mortise and tenon joint 、 Parameterization 、Plywood
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